Lumps on Knuckles??

Hi all. Its been a long time since Ive posted anything here. I had actually given up on ever getting a diagnosis. But now I have a new symptom that I think might help my doctor figure all of this out.

I have pea sized lumps on two of my knuckles. Both on left hand. One on pinky and the other one on the finger next to the pinky finger. Both are on the knuckle closest to my wrist.

They are painful if touched and although they kind of look like blisters, they are hard to the touch.

Has anyone experienced this? If so, please let me know what autoimmune disease you have.

I would list my other symptoms that have an autoimmune symptom but there are too many! However, I will list them if you think it would help in an overall diagnosis.

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Are the lumps on top of the skin or below it? I have RA and I have small (pea sized) lumps under my skin in the same location as you but on my right hand. The lumps themselves are not painful but if I push on them, the joint hurts. My rheumatologist said that they are rheumatoid nodules.

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They are under the skin...almost like callouses.

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I have RA and I have had them too, though they seem to have gone – small pea-like nodules under the skin of my knuckles. My rheumy said that they are an RA symptom. i don't remember them hurting though.

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I don't think I would describe them as callouses. Are you able to move them or are they attached to the bone (joint)? Mine are attached. It may be a good idea to list your other main symptoms at this point. Most of us with inflammatory arthritis have similar symptoms.

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They are not attached to the joint...they float above the joint.

Here are my other symptoms:

Here is the latest information from my Doctors notes:
Patient appears to clinically fit a autoimmune pathogenesis pattern with polyarthralgia, colitis, aseptic necrosis, scleritis and recent pulmonary infiltrate. Labs ordered and referral to Rheumatology entered.

Past Medical History:
Diffuse Choroidal Sclerosis
Nodular Scleritis
Acute Conjunctivitis
Abdominal Pain
Aseptic Necrosis (Both Hips and Left Shoulder Replaced)
Pulmonary Embolism
Plantar Faciitis (chronic)
Loosening Teeth

RF neg
RNP neg
ENA neg
DS DNA neg
FTA-ABS non reactive
CCP IgG 1 unit


Wrists - Normal
Hands - Normal

Doctor has intially ruled out the following:
Anklyosing Spondylitis

Currently taking PREDNISONE 20mg daily, MORPHINE for PAIN, various other meds for medical issues/symptoms.

Have had 2 hip replacements (bi-laterally) and my left shoulder replaced.

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That's quite a list!
But nothing to add, except that I just saw that I do still have one nodule. It floats, it's tiny, painless and barely visible.
Why did your rheumy rule out RA?

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Have you ever had your uric acid levels checked? Your symptoms seem consistent with gout. The painful, moveable nodules on your hand could be tophi caused by a buildup of uric acid crystals. Tophi tend to occur around ten years after gout begins. Gout can cause scleritis and aseptic necrosis. The most common reason for these symptoms (disease) is RA though.

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Kitee...I think you hit the nail on the head! A week after these bumps showed up I began having pain in my left big toe. This pain is sometimes unbearable. It feels lit someone is sticking needles in my toe. Thank GOD it only last a few seconds. After that I have dull pain in my toe.

So Gout it is. Although I think its just another symptom to my long list.


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Wandering.....RA was ruled out because of blood test results......

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It is a big mistake ruling out RA due to negative blood results. 20% of people with RA are seronegative (negative RF). Light is one of them.
As for something else auto-immune causing some of your symptoms...Maybe... maybe not. You have a lot of double whammies going on here. I'm guessing that you were probably treated with high dosages of prednisone for your scleritis. Add hypothyroidism to the mix and you have depleted the calcium in your bones. Add an autoimmune disease like RA or Gout, then you are predisposed to osteoporosis and unfortunately aseptic necrosis. Your high lipids may be caused by hypothyroidism. My mom has this and her lipids are grossly high. I don't know the time line for your surgeries, but continuous inactivity due to the surgeries could have caused your deep vein thrombosis which eventually caused a clot in your lungs.
The only thing I know about pancreatitis is that it can go hand in hand with inflammatory bowel disease. You say that you have colitis. Is it ulcerative colitis (UC)? UC and Plantar fasciitis have a common gene - HLA-B27. HLA-B27 is associated with Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Reactive Arthritis, Iritis etc.. UC can cause joint pain.
There is a person named Mike that has a great deal of knowledge about the pathogenesis and etiology of auto-immune diseases particularly auto-immune eye diseases. His screen name is uveitisguy. I haven't seen him post for a while. You may try sending him a message.

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I had the same thing and googled answers for them. Same answer the doc gave me. If I can recall right it was arthritis. They have diminished in size to the point I can't see them! Had a huge difference in diet, perhaps that made a difference.

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Kiteekat said what i was going to!
But maybe you've found your illness, now...

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