Fecal Transplant

A dentist prescribed Clindamycin in January 2011. I've been deadly ill since. Tests show that I have c.diff AND rheumatoid arthritis. I was feeling FINE before taking the antibiotic.

I tried taking vancomycin to kill the c.diff and it lead me to a 4 day hospital stay and feeling worse.

In searching the internet and speaking to a few infectious disease doctors, I am about to embark on a fecal transplant (perhaps this weekend) with my brother as donor. Has anyone on these forums ever tried this?

My understanding is my rheumatoid arthritis started with the wipe out of good flora in my gut. I know believe all autoimmune diseases start out this way. My therory is I'll start to feel better with my joints when my gut is repopulated with a healthy gut flora.

I will update you all on my progress. In the meantime, I'd love to hear from others who have gone through this procedure (at home) or anyone who could give me some advice.

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