water leaks and mold...= one very fustrated mommy

Ok we just found out our hot water tank is leaking which has in turn creates mold to grow in my bedroom closet...we have water damage in our room, my oldest sons room because his room is next to our closet...we have water leaks on our youngest sons room for a second time and we don't know where that is coming from...keep in mind he is the one with the immune deficiency...we have had water leaks at our front and back doors...and we found mold growing under the kitchen cabinets...both my boys have allergies and an actual allergy to mold...my 5 yr old has already had sinus surgery and is starting to complain of headaches which we believe is linked to the water leaks creating the mold...I am so angry this keeps happening..long story short this is the 4th place I live in since I moved out in 2006 that ends up with mold issues...and 3 since I have had my kids...I do rent and I have a good landlord this time and he is working to get a claim filed to fix it all. I just needed to vent becuase I feel like I am going to explode. Thanks for listening...

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