Propylene Glycol/Isopropyl Myristate allergies

I found this site when I was a little down about the restrictions to life my atopic dermatitis brings (I'm allergic to fish, nuts, animals, dust, pollen, etc), googled "atopic dermatitis support," and ended up here. I also suffer from juvenile myoclonic epilepsy and asthma. After joining, I got really wrapped up in my wedding planning and haven't been back on since (at least it has cheered me up!).

Since then, I have had patch testing done and found out I am also allergic to propylene glycol and isopropyl myristate. Obviously, propylene glycol is the biggie here. It is in SO MUCH. In fact, the worst part was finding out it was in Cetaphil, which was the best product I had ever used for moisturizing my skin (I am having a very hard time finding a replacement). Everytime I think I've gotten rid of enough products and stopped eating enough foods to control it, I find out MORE products that contain it! I don't know IF you can possibly avoid it completely.

My doctor didn't act all that familiar with isopropyl myristate, and I can't seem to find much about allergies to this chemical online. However, I have had to get rid of many products (hairspray and makeup mostly) because it is listed in the ingredients.

My doctor did set me up on the CARD database, so this has been a big help. Does anybody else here suffer from either of these allergies? I worry a lot about foods...I have discovered propylene glycol is in things like cake mix, coffee, and ice cream, and I have been avoiding these (except coffee, I discovered Flavorbean :). I also wonder about hair colors...the few listed on CARD have TERRIBLE reviews...apparently organic is not a popular way to go with hair color.

I also wonder just how serious these allergies are. I have no idea how long I have had these allergies as this was the first time I have ever been patch tested. Will it just make me itch? Could I end up having a worse reaction?

Any information you might have would be much appreciated!!


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