I know I am blessed!

Through all the drama in life, loves, losses, births, education, employment, illness, friends everyday life. I know I complain. I'm hurting, frustrated, friends disapear when you need them most. Family losses touch, they die unexpectedly. We grieve our losses, then in the mornings we wake up. Greatful to still be alive. We deal with everything, pray for everything and everyone, and to understand God's purpous for each of us. Yes weakness, illness etc but so much gratitude just to be alive is a blessing. Thanks to everyone on this site for being here, understanding, care for people we never have met or most likely never will, but having unconditional compassion for eachother. God bless each anb every one. No matter what your going to I hope you have joy during this holiday season, even if just fleeting moments, find our joy.

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