Food is great...but dangerous

Over the course of the last 11 months I've become highly sensitive to a variety of foods. This includes ALL fruits, except: pineapple, blueberry, and citruses. Weird right? I am also allergic to carrots, soy and HIGHLY allergic to peanut. I can't even smell peanut or peanut products without experiencing anaphylaxis. (Which has happened several times.) No bigger right?! WRONG. Because I have ingestant and inhalant allergies I have to be extremely cautious of my surrounding and food labels 24/7. This is difficult, but to make matters worse...I'm an aspiring baking & pastry chef. I began school 3 years ago, when, at that time, I was only allergic to apples. Which I could handle. Now I am subject to being exposed to peanuts and all other sorts of allergens because of the environment I am often times in.
I feel sometimes like no one understands me. And to make matters worse, it affects my breathing, and has made me sensitive to smoke, perfume, and other aromas. I don't know any one at the moment has is going through anything similar to me, and it sucks. I love food, and am passionate about my career. I never want to be forced between my health and my passion. Of course I'd choose the obvious. But I'd also be stuck doing a "job" for the rest of my life that I had no interest in. I don't want to become one of those people who wakes up in the morning hating their line of work, asking themselves why do they even bother. Maybe if there was someone who could relate to me I wouldn't feel as bad. Or maybe I'd look for reasons to smile despite my "medical condition" instead of frowning. But until then...

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