A brief understanding on types of allergy

Nowadays, the percentage of people suffering from allergies has subsequently increased as with the growing allergens and also the kind of lifestyle that people portray. The worst part about any kind of allergy is that it cannot be cured completely, but certainly there are certain medications as well as precautions, which if followed properly can reduce the frequency of symptoms to occur in the body. Apart from dust and pollens, which are considered to be the most common forms of allergies, there are people that also suffer from pet, seasonal, food and latex allergies. There are various potential triggers that can cause an allergic reaction and there are also some, which are more serious than others.

Food allergy

This kind of allergic disorder is not just annoying, but can also be quite terrifying and reactions to food can range from mild to severe. The worst part about this disorder is that a reaction can be felt a few minutes following the ingestion. Hives and rashes are the mild kind of symptoms and in severe situations, a person can suffer from anaphylaxis in which the throat swells and begins to close. People suffering from severe food allergies should always carry with them an auto inject device such as Epipen, which can deliver a lifesaving medication.

Latex allergy

This kind of sensitivity is a response to the sap protein of a rubber tree. There are many people that associate latex to gloves, but there are many other others items in which latex can be found. Some of the more common places to find latex are balloons, diaphragms and pacifiers. The reactions that occur to such a kind of allergy are quite similar to that of food allergy in which a mild reaction can be rashes in the body while in case of a severe reaction; a person can suffer from anaphylaxis.

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