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Just wondering if anyone has used a sinus irrigation system...There is one called SinusPulse Elite. My husband has sleep apnea but when he is congested he can't use his machine. He has been to the allergist and found out what he is allergic to. He uses flonase and sudafed but they are just not working for him. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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you really don't need anything very fancy. I use a squirt bottle made by same people that make neti pots. The instructions caution you not to use when extremely congested ( I think you could hurt your ears.) I do believe it works .

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I have been using Sinupulse Elite to irrigate my sinuses due to allergies and post nasal drip. It helps a lot in clearing my sinuses and PND. It is very easy and comfortable to use. I prefer also the saline packet it comes with and reorder them from CVS. Other pharmacy and store brand saline packets irritates and burns my sinuses. Make sure to use distillled water.

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Use of a saline irrigation is one of the most effective ways of controlling rhinitis (allergic/ non- allergic). A Neti Pot or similar devices are used to flush out the nasal passages. The mixture can be bought or home made. Here is the formula that I was given by the Allergy Associates at Mass. General Hospital, Boston.

Saline Solution Formula for one cup of saline rinse:
=1 t. of deiodized salt (sea or kosher salt)
=8 ounces of distilled or boiled water
=1 pinch of bicarbonate(baking soda
Store at room temperature

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