Pycnogenol and Grape Seed Extract for Allergies & Asthma

Oh, I have a friend who has asthma and now taking GE for about 5 yrs and she's so improved...

Saved my life in 1995 when I started on Pycnogenol. Within a month or so being on Pycnogenol my allergy/sinus/headaches were about history.

Prior to 1995, I was the allergy/sinus/headache QUEEN, otc drugs, allergist, the whole 9 relief......only making doc richer and drug companies....

Then it all changed with Pycnogenol. Took "P" for 1 yr and then found that Grape Seed Ex would do the same and is less pricey so now 16 yrs later I continue on these 2, mostly GE....and this super antioxidant NEVER ceases to amaze me with all it's health benefits.

Allergies, sinus, headaches, edema, ringing in ears, eye health, gum health, diabetic and asthma reduction and MAY prevent cancer.....

So I'm new on these boards and Have to share my good results with these powerful antioxidants.

The main reason I got on Pycnogenol via LifePlus in 1995, the panel of researchers and doctors were telling us it MAY prevent cancer.....and so far it has BUT has done so much more....

Can't speak enough about my life with these antioxidants..

Do your research and I've posted about these on some other boards here too.

I purchased a great little book in 1996, Grape Seed Extract by Dr. Clark Hansen and it's my bible on this supplement. Many of my friends and family are taking them and all very very happy with their results.....jamin

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The supplement I take is Costo's made by Truenature. It is called Grape Seed & Resveratrol. It has:
Grape Seed Extract 100 mg
Grape Skin Extract 37.5 mg per day
Grape Extract12.5 mg
Resveratrol 15 mg

Says to take 1 softgel two times per day with food.
The label lists it as a supplement for a health heart.
Hope this helps!

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I have bought the Truenature product too and have a bottle now I'm using. It's WAY more than for health heart, but yes works on circulation and cleans the blood, so that is about the heart.

I also like the Muscadine Grape Seed from vitacost...

And I like swansons G.S. too.

I've used so many over the years... You can take more than 2 of the softgels and it could help even more...if you have no problem take 3 per day so it can be a loading dose to start attacking the issues....

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Keep us updated, I love to hear people getting good results and improving their overall health.....and issues they are attacking for to you...jam

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Muscadine Grapes have even more of the naturally occurring powerful antioxidant/anti-inflammatory nutrients (over 100 including Resveratrol, Ellagic Acid, Quercetin) as your basic viniferous grape. In fact, Muscadine Grapes have all the nutritional benefits (and more) of grapes and berries combined. Nature's Pearl products use only the highest quality Muscadine Grapes grown in their native North Carolina. I encourage you all to learn more at on intro and listen to the short presentations, then go to and learn about all the research (including cancer research at Wake Forest University) on the health benefits of this amazing gift of nature. All products are Organic, 100% Toxic Free and safe for use on infants! Then, click on Free Trial to receive your free bottle to try for yourself :-)! Want more information, contact me at

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Not only Wake Forest Univ, but Mayo Clinic, City of Hope and other research hospitals are doing lots of research
for cancer and grape seed extract.....

Glad someone else here is "in the know" on this powerful stuff...

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Bonnie: A bit OT, but to ask you a question....with all your holistic knowledge...have you come
across the connection between Boron and Arthritis and the deficiency of Boron.

This was brought to my attention from a person in australia and from info she's studied
taking 12mg of Boron for 3 months for OA and Osteoporosis issues can reduce the problems...then
staying with 3-6mg maintenance.

I've been taking 3mg for a few yrs now with my Cal and Mag and D3 but have now bumped up to
12 mg for a few months and see how it goes for me....

There is a lot of info out there on this topic and discussions about countries that have high Boron content in
their soils and these countries have much lower arthritis and osteoporosis issues.... thanks for your attention. jam

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Hey Jam...I have not heard about Boron, but will absolutely look into it. Sadly, not only are our soils depleted of essential nutrients, but they have been poisoned by all the toxic pesticides :-( causing MUCH of the health crisis we are experiencing in the US...amongst other things.......

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Oh on deficiencies....get me started:

Vit D
Thyroid issues

I deal with OA and since hip replacement in late 2010, back issues
have worsened, spinal stenosis for sure, everything shifts in the body
with taking out parts, putting new parts in the's major and
results are not always great.....believe me.

I post a lot on the Joint Group and did post about the Boron recently. talk later. jam

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Vitamin D is definitely something just about everyone is deficient in and believe it or not (OK Jam..I know you believe it :-) ), there are so many health issues that are improved when they increase their Vit. D.

One of the biggest issues is ALL of the toxins out there and in ALL of the products we use on a daily basis. I encourage everyone here to take a look at the ingredients in all of the products in your home...personal care, cleaning etc...then google those ingredients and you will see just how toxic they are....even though the FDA deems them "safe"! Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs everything applied to it and it comes in contact with....If you won't eat it...don't use it!

I also encourage you all go look into the toxic effects (including Asthma) of Fluoride...yes...fluoride in toothpaste :-(((

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Bonnie, I've been battling the Fluoride issue for too many years...

Fluoride Action Network (FAN) says it all.....

Our town fluoridated about 3 yrs and I swear OA worsened as I shower in the "toxin".... fluoride filters run about $100 and
I'm on a low income.....

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