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My daughter seemed good until around age 4. Now she is almost six and me and my husband has found out she has different environmental allergies also allergy induced asthma. The problem we are having is she seems to have on going bronchitis. Her dr. says cronic respiratory disease and chronic bronchitis. She cant go out for recess at school and whenever she is out in the cold she gets really bad. Is there anyone who has been through this and has any suggestions? We would appreciate any help.

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It is rare for a child to have COPD/chronic bronchitis, I would look to a pulmonologist for better diagnostic testing and stronger maintenance protocol. They have tests that tease this out.

There is also something called Cough Variant Asthma:

(One of my daughters has this, the other has severe/persistent asthma.) The one w CVA need only a little maintenance, but look out when she gets a cold or the pollen is out - we need oral steroids! <cough> <cough>

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Thank you i will ckeck out the web site and ask her dr. and allergy/asthma dr. about Cough Variant Asthma. Thank you again, I have never heard of this, and I will be asking about it

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