its me

I was so tired with my life, wanted to end but it is very difficult
I do not know what to do .. tried to get up with the remaining forces, without a reliable one.. i lost my life, friends, and hard to find any's because of asthma...

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You need to dig deep and find a specialist who can treat you like a whole person and take the time to get your medications right. With minor exceptions, it can be done, but it takes commitment and effort by both patients and practitioner. The tiredness is part of the disease and is not real - you need to be strong enough to see that and promise to beat this in the next six months. Find a center of excellence, find a caring specialists, get the PFTs, get the meds, and start communicating with your doctor. Find a therapist too who can coach you through through the hard days: everyone benefits from clarity and purpose. Sure asthma is disabling, but life is worth living and despite what you see around you, everyone has battles, issues, and tragedies. (Says the poster who lives 20 miles from Sandy Hook with a nine year old who has 18% small lung function with asthma and needs O2.) I am no cheerleader. You can do this and you will see a difference.

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I'have never been so mad in my life. you walk me through this. You are not my friend. You press me too hard!

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I have never been so mad in my life. you walk me through this. you are not my friend . you press me too hard!

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