Does anyone have good cleaning products?

I am wondering if anyone has discovered any really good cleaning products that doesn't aggravate their asthma?
Also, any good anti-aging beauty products? I am afraid to use my old products and can't believe how bad my skin is! I also have been afraid to use cream bleach on my face and I look like a man!!! I am trying to keep my husband attracted to me!!!

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I'm sold on vinegar and water, half and half, for all kinds of cleaning projects. You can also use baking soda as a scrubber. I've been using Olay Total Effects moisturizer for my face. Maybe that will help.

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Thank you so much! I will try!

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The only thing I can use is - windshield washer cleaner (buy it in a gallon jug) and rubbing alcohol, mix (approx 8-to-1) in a spray bottle and use the stream setting. Spray it on a soft cotton cloth and wipe down whatever needs cleaned.
As for beauty products - read the labels & educate yourself on petroleum based products - if a product contains ANY petroleum based product DO NOT USE IT. Use only natural products. BareMinerals makeup does wonders for your skin.

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Thanks ellejaii. I didn't know about petroleum-based products. And I agree, BareMinerals is awesome!

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