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Hello all. This may sound a bit gross to discuss but here goes. I cough up alot of mucus almost every day whether im having an asthma attack or not. A doctor asked me to describe it so I had to examine it closely. It looks like long thin worms that are whitish in color. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Again I apologize for this disgusting subject but Its part of my symptoms of whatever is going on with me. I don't respond to asthma meds and my latest doc believes that all the problems I've been having are directly related to the sinusitis that I've had for years. I had surgery for this in 09 but the relief was only temporary. Any response is appreciated as always.

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Hey ydubber. I hack up a lot of different colors on different days. White foam, green, clear with brown speckes, just clear..... Don't think I ever did one with the white worms yet though. Had coffee ground lookin stuff once. Tis gross but its our lungs and a fact of asthma that your gonna hack up a loogie sooner or later. If this is offensive to any one well Im sorry but its the truth and we all do it. I had a test two weeks ago and aspirated when they pulled the gastric manometry tube out of my stomach and through my nose. It hurt realy bad. Then two days later I had a video swallow test and aspirated on barium. OMG that hurt. I ended up with aspiration pneumonia. My lungs were compressed on the bottom 1/4 with fluid. I have been hacking up white foam. That is a sign of fluid in your lungs. Green is infection and brown specks is congestion with dry blood. Im not sure about what you have there buddy (; maybe a call to the dr. I would be interested to know. I have a smorgasboard of helath problems. chronic pseudo intestinal obstruction, fibromyalgia, asthma, hiatal hernia, esophageal errosions, and more (: just trying to do life in the best way I can. Don't think I know any one on this site as I don't ever post here. I am mostly GI. But I would like to talk to some people about their asthma too. Stay healthy. O'Shaughnessy

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Hi there. I also cough up stuff every day, and have sinusitis and post nasal drip. From the research I've done it may be that you have candida? Look it up on the internet. Good luck.

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Hi, I've had problems with asthma for about 20years, I was an RN for almost 30 years and had tried everything. Had he sinoplasty about 6 months ago still no relief. I was taking antibiotics every couple months and the problems were still there. It finally hit me, I felt I had sinus drainage sliding down the back of my throat getting into my lungs causing me to have an asthma attack especially after I went to the hospital one morning and was diagnosed with, get this "asthma related congested heart failure" I was a cardiac nurse for years and there's only one way the fluid could get into my lungs because I had no heart problems what so ever. I also believed the thick green mocous was caused by a fungus rather than bacteria so I set out to find something I could rinse my sinuses out with that would kill fungus as well as bacteria and I found grapefruit seed extract, cost me about $7.00. I've been using it about 4 months now and I haven't had any sinus problems and no asthma attacks, no wheezing nothing, and be careful with the steroid nose sprays, I used them for years and it evidentally ate through my mocous membranes in my nostrils and I developed nose bleed, they were really bad and I had to have the areas caterized(burned). Alot of people probably thinks I'm crazy but I saw you're post and had to respond. I have a blog (group) on Facebook called "Your Health" check it out when you have time ;-)

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I was diagnosed with asthma about a month ago and I wake up coughing up phlem in the morning but have never examined it to see what color it is. My three year old was born preemie and had chronic lung and now was diagnosed with asthma last year and is controlled right now..his only symtom is coughing too but If i leave it go and not use his nebulizer it will turn into something much more and so does mine..I think mine is allergy related asthma as when my allergies are acting up is when it happens most and then I end up with Bronchitis,sinusitis,and sometimes laryngitis too and I haven't had any since I have been on allergy meds but I was still having this coughing with throat congestion so they put me on inhalers and now it is alot better!

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Wow that is interesting! My grand daughter also has asthma and allergies and she had her nose cauterized I think three times now cause of her nose bleeds and she still has them.they said she has a small septym! They did slow down from more than once a week to maybe a couple a month now....

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Hi nurse1946

I'm really interested in your use of grapefruit seed extract. I've been using it by adding drops to water to try and help with the candida, but from what you say, you use it in nasal rinses? I use Neilmed nasal rinses which have helped with my sinuses, but I still cough stuff up. I am tempted to try the same as you - how much did you put in your nasal rinse?

Grateful for your help, Lynne

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Hi Lynne, I was wondering how you know you have candida(fungus) in your sinuses no one ever told me I had a fungal infections in my sinuses but I got so tired of the antibiotic for my sinus infections and as an RN I also know that taking antibiotics will cause fungal infectons in the vagina(yeast infecton) it took me along time to figure it out because I trusted my Drs. and figured they knew what they were doing but after I retired I had plenty of time to sit and think like "what the hell is going on" I was at my wits in especially after my ENT gave me 3000mg antibiotic for 30 days and within a couple of weeks the green discharge was back woke up with an asthma attack put in the hospital and diagnosed with "asthma related congested heart failure" well that did it for me. I started doing some research anyway to make a long story short grapefruit seed extract is an antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal so I figured I've got to try this. GSE is very strong so be careful. What I do is put about 2 drops of GSE is a small dropper bottle and fill it up with water and just a very small pinch of salt (1oz bottle, I poured the nose drops out and rinsed out the bottle) I put about 2-4 drops in each nostril, hold your head way back, put the drop in one nostril the hold you head way down(this gets the extract into your sinus)you'll be able to feel it then after about 2 seconds hold you head back up and some of the extract will run back out so have a tissue and do the same thing to the other nostril, first I did it morning an night for about a week, then just in the am, now I do it about 2-3 times a week. Now during this time you will cough up thick yellow or green mocous and this is good. If 2 drops is to strong for you then use less because I really didn't like doing it at first but I was determined to try and see what happened and I am so glad I did. Please let me know how things go for you.............Donna

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