Coughing so hard it hurts

I have been having difficulty with Coughing so hard it hurts my body. My chest bones, neck bones etc feel like they are about to break, I cough so hard. I am coughing up mucus when I have these hard coughs. I am Asthmatic and have been for many years and this type of cough has just recently begun. It is very painful. The only way to get it under control/stop the cough is to use my nebulizer.
Do any others with Asthma experience this? And if so, what type of treatment works?

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You can ask your md about: medications-are-there-for-copd/what-are-anticholinergic-medications.php

Breaks up mucus. You may need stronger maintenence meds, its hard to say. Pain can be from other issues, so talk to your doctor.

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When I was real sick I had a hard cough and it does hurt. But please call your Dr so you can be seen. When I was like you are I was put in the hospital.

Keep us posted please!


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His what about going to ER? You have been coughing bad for days now according to another post I saw. I hope you will get to ER and if you can't drive there please call 911 so they can help you.

Keep us posted please.


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thanks everyone, you are all very caring people.

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Hope you are feeling better today! Hugs!

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Now I am suffering with a very sore throat, taking antibiotics for nearly seven days, and it is still so sore. I have a painful, burning throat, can not drink orange juice because it sets my throat on fire. If I yawn, it causes a great deal of pain in my throat. Don't understand this. Anyone???

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I've been there frequently over the years. Coughing is one of the primary symptoms of my asthma. There are times when it flares so badly that I'm coughing chronically for over 4 months at a time. I always end up working my way through my asthma action plan. I up my Advair to stronger dosages, add Singulair, use my albuterol and nebulizer, etc... It never fails that I end up seeing my PCP, ENT and Pulmonologist because I'm so miserable. Usually when I see my ENT, my throat is very raw and red from all the irritation from coughing.

Do you have acid reflux at all? I have "silent" reflux or laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR). It is called silent because there is no heartburn involved usually. For me, the acid comes up and irritates my throat causing the coughing. Unfortunately, it also irritates my lungs and makes my asthma worse. Usually when I flare with my asthma, I also step up my reflux treatments. All that coughing squeezes my stomach which triggers the refluxing and creates a horrible asthma cycle. It might be worth looking into.

Usually, when my coughing is that bad, I end up pulling abdominal muscles and hurting ribs. After several weeks, it starts weakening my bladder muscles too. It is pretty miserable.

For the throat irritation, here is a recipe my ENT gives me to use to help calm the irritation:

1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. clear corn syrup
6 oz. warmed distilled water

You gargle gently for two "long, boring" minutes then spit. He recommended not rinsing after.

He also has me do breathing exercises. When I feel the need to cough due to the throat irritation, I'm supposed to blow air out silently like I'm making the 'hah' sound. It is supposed to calm the vocal cords some.

Hope you feel better soon.

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I forgot to ask. Do you have an asthma action plan from your doctor?

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Thank You, yes, I do have an asthma action plan. I am experiencing new pain in my right ear today/evening along with the pain in my throat. Calling my doctor this week. Thank you for responding and thanks for the recipe, I will sure give that a try.

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I'm currently dealing with this. Have been coughing hard for days and chest hurts so badly. I came to the ER on Sunday, where they did breathing treatment and steroids. Went home and ended up back last night. This time they admitted me.

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Hope you are feeling better Kim!

How are you doing His?

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Still in the hospital over 4 days later. On IV steroids, nebs (Pulmicort and Xopenex), antibiotic for bronchitis, cough medicine, Mucinex, and oxygen. Have been having bad asthma attacks that start with coughing and end with wheezing and near fainting.

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I always get bronchitis when I get sick. This was after my tonsils were removed. They have been times i was so congested i had to get a breathing treatment. Couple years ago stayed sick all year. Sick one month better the next. Couple visits to the walk in clinic. Had couple rounds of antibiotics and steroids. Finally made appt w/ my allergy Dr. He was able to get me over it.

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