Asthma and Stress

Hi you all:

I'm Sam Sterk, Ph.D. and have suffered with asthma all my life. When I was ten I left my family in Israel and not speaking a word of English arrived in Denver, Colorado where I would stay for the next two years at the Jewish National Home for Asthmatic children. The approach was considered a "Parentdectomy," that is, not having contact with family for two years other than letter writing. The Home's approach was a psychological one understanding that emotions had everything to do with asthma, especially chronic asthma. Today, Some of the leading hospitals teach emotion management techniques to asthma patients

I'm curious what readers have to say about the role of emotions with asthma.

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I have suffered with moderate asthma all my life, and in my 60s.. My mother suffered with asthma as well and is now 96 and asthma free for the past 20 years. My triggers seem to be environmental rather than emotional, however I'm interested to know more about how stress triggers asthma. Since we all have stress in our lives, what advice can you offer us chronic asthma sufferers? Thankyou, frantstic

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yes, I'm interested too. My triggers are also environmental but stress also plays a large part as, indeed, does tiredness. When I am stressed, my asthma is worse. Also I sometimes feel like 2 people. I am normally very laid back but then something will make me feel stressed about the least little thing and I know that this 'jitteriness' could turn to an asthma attack. I sometimes wonder if its not a chemical imbalance inside of me(?). Any stress beating advice would be welcome.

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Hi Jessica:
For me-stress induced asthma attacks. I have taken more control by doing Hypnosis and my own Self-Hypnosis which helps to calm me greatly.
Sam Sterk

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Hi Fantastic11:

Asthma for me was induced when I might have been angry but could not express it. I do Self Hynosis to calm down which helps me greatly.
Sam Sterk

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Now and then Ihave 2-3 day episodes of having to use my rescue inhaler as often as possible. However, that does not seem
to help as much as I need it to. I have started to wonder if it happens when I have something coming up that is stressing
me such as a trip or medical test. However, I don't think of myself as being worried but wonder if I really am and it is causing
the increased breathing difficulty. I also feel my troubles are caused by enviornmental factors but sometimes I cannot pin point
one and that'a when I wonder if it is stress.

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