anyone get the flu yet?

I have bronchitis which is just as bad. On 40 mg prednisone, nebs, tussi, and my nose is running constantly. Haven't been this sick in a while. Hope none of us get the flu. Take care. Don't shake hands, touch your face, or be within 6 ft of someone coughing. Still germs/ virus can last
30 minutes in a room. Wash your hands. Wipe off door handles, phones, keyboards. Good advice. Stay healthy.

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No flu, i got my flu shot when employer started giving them. I work in a hospital so its is a requirement.

Few yrs ago i stayed sick on an off the whole yr. Had couple of rounds of antibotics, antibotic shots and prednisone. Made appt w/ my allergy dr and he was able to get me over it.

Since bening on differ seizure meds i have not gotten sick as much as i used to.

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I'm new to this site. I have a history of asthma, allergies, bronchitis, vasomotor rhinitis, pneumonia 2-3 times (? 4 times). Maintenance meds are Symbicort 160, Flonase, Astepro and Albuterol inhaler prn. Almost every January/February I end up with bronchitis/sinus infections or pneumonia and October/November is the other time this happens. Allergy tests positive for dust mites, cockroaches & walnuts. I had anaphylactic shock to shellfish and allergic to eggplant. Medication allergies are Penicillin, Cephalosporin, Sulfa, Iodine and Compazine (tardive dyskinesia reaction, very scary).!!

Week 01/18 I was under stress, with continuous chest pain (GERD), more irregular heartbeats (have mitral valve prolapse/regurg & l. bundle branch block and had intermittent moderate asthma attacks (thought just due to allergies). I saw my PCP, who did EKG, referred me to my cardiologist and gave 1 mo. Prilosec. 01/25/18 I woke in a severe asthma attack, coughing up blood. Next to Urgent Care. They did an EKG, chest x-ray after 4 hours said I had bronchitis, asthma exacerbation and probably flu. They prescribed Albuterol inhaler with a spacer, Zpack, 7 day Prednisone burst, Cheratuss w/codeine. Next 5 days I was home and continued to worsen. I saw my PCP who did another EKG (left bundle branch block), a nebulizer treatment. They gave me a shot of kenalog or Decadron and a shot of Clindamycin. They prescribed a home nebulizer & Levaquin. I had blood work & chest x-ray. The next day (Friday) my PCP called & advised I had severe viral pneumonia & w/my asthma history etc., also possible bacterial pneumonia. He asked me to come in Monday and told me to go to ER if difficulties. Weekend things were worse with severe high fevers at night, w/night sweats (thoroughly drenched) & neb treatments at night, to be able to breathe (woke choking). Fortunately 02/04-2/11 improved, still no appetite, still a low grade fever (99.6-101.), afternoon/nighttime chest and back pain and very very tired. I was supposed to be back at work today (although my PCP did an FMLA paperwork for 3 months schedule of 5 days/week with 1-2 days off prn for flare-ups) as he said it will probably take from 3-6 months to fully recover. I still am running the fever, have pm back/chest pain, no appetite & very stired.

Incidentally, I have cervical disc degeneration, spondylitis/neural foraminal narrowing, C2-C7, Facet joint syndrome, C2-3, C3-4 for which I had a cervical epidural injection 01/14/13 (which thankfully helped the chronic severe neck pain I have which impacts my job where I sit at a computer). I was glad the injection really helped but now wonder if there's a connection between that injection as I understand steroids impact your immune system.

Finally, last year I went through a similar thing where late January I had severe bronchitis/laryngitis/asthma, had Zpack/prednisone burst. February another episode of bronchitis/laryngitis/sinus infection & an eye infection w/another antibiotic/14 day Prednisone burst. (In the meantime from coughing so much late February I was diagnosed w/an umbilical hernia which kept popping out and there was concern forincarceration so they wanted to do surgery whenever my lungs cleared). March, another episode of bronchitis/sinus infection/laryngitis & an eye infection another course of antibiotics!!! I lost my voice until July (difficult as I'm a singer) & had to see an ENT vocal therapist to recover. Mid-April last year, lungs finally cleared and I had open abdominal hernia surgery. (Now in retrospect I wonder if it wasn't pneumonia last year, but they didn't do a chest x-ray.

SO ... I am very frustrated about this. My PCP and I hoped w/the aggressive course of Symbicort, Flonase, Astepro, Claritin prn, the January/February syndrome of bronchitis/sinus infection/asthma wouldn't happen again. I also try about every herbal/homeopathic remedy to build up your immune system, prevent flu/asthma colds, etc. Thus when someone says, "Have you tried Echinacea, have you tried Vitamin C, have you tried a vaporizer, have you tried tea w/honey?" I'm going to scream!!!!

So , Yes I have had the wonderful flu which wasn't covered by the flu shot this year. Any thoughts as to when the fever will stop from the viral pneumonia would be appreciated. Also any thoughts if the cervical epidural could have helped cause this pneumonia, or if there's a relation between the mitral valve prolapse/L. bundle branch or the GERD to causing this recurreng bronchial/asthma/pneumonia syndrome would be appreciated.


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