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Pain Management... Home Remedies

  • By 5tacy · New reply 11:37 pm
  • Discussion in Living with arthritis · 15 replies
  • I have delt with RA almost my whole life. Just recently in my life has it progressed it gotten real bad. The pain can be so unbearable at times. I love to try new things to better myself and relieve pain ...

Just need someone(s) to listen

  • By CJohnson46 · New reply 11:34 pm
  • Discussion in Rheumatoid arthritis (RA Connect) · 2 replies
  • Hello! My name is Carolyn and I have been diagnosed with severe RA. After many, many tests and x-rays my rheumatologist was able to diagnose it. She thought at first it was psoriatic arthritis but because ...



Kathleen/ FosseJazzer here!

  • By FosseJazzer · New reply 10:41 pm
  • Discussion in Rheumatoid arthritis (RA Connect) · 1 reply
  • My oh my, when they said it was going to change, they really meant CHANGE didn't they?? I hope this isn't as confusing as it looks. And maybe it will actually tell me when I have new messages etc? Since ...

Hello! New to Inspire with RAod

  • By ahartman1987 · New reply 10:36 pm
  • Discussion in Rheumatoid arthritis (RA Connect) · 7 replies
  • hello all!! I am a 27 year old female that has was diagnosed a year ago with RA. I wanted to introduce myself to the group and ask for support on any home remedies that some use. I am currently on MTX ...

I'm here!

  • By bajoyful1 · New reply 10:22 pm
  • Discussion in Rheumatoid arthritis (RA Connect) · 5 replies
  • Ok friends! I'm here...(Edie Joy from Arthritis Connect) This looks different and confusing! Are there subjects like our old forum ...

The Burial of Our Old Forum

  • By CA-Lynn · New reply 8:37 pm
  • Discussion in Rheumatoid arthritis (RA Connect) · 31 replies
  • Alas, our old RA Connect forum on the other website will be dead on Friday. Shall we congregate here on Friday afternoon and give an eulogy? All the good things we remember about that forum ...

RA and Sjogrens

  • By GBY · New reply 8:04 pm
  • Discussion in Experience with health care professionals · 5 replies
  • Hi, I am a new member of Inspire. I have RA but I also have Sjogren's Syndrome, which is another autoimmune illness that is commonly seen with RA. I was wondering of anyone else is dealing with Sjogren's ...

Work as an elementary teacher while on Humira?

  • By NC-Gloria · New reply 7:28 pm
  • Discussion in Medications and therapies · 4 replies
  • Hello All, My son has Reiter's Syndrome and he will start taking Humira in a couple of weeks. I'm afraid because he works as an elementary teacher and he will be in contact with a lot of germs. Should ...

RA Connect People

  • By nikkilynn50 · New reply 7:22 pm
  • Discussion in Rheumatoid arthritis (RA Connect) · 103 replies · Photos
  • It's me NikkiLynn from RA connect. I'm NikkiLynn50 here. I've been a member on inspire for quite awhile. I don't post much here...(actually, I don't post much anywhere right now....Busy with wedding stuff ...


  • By AussieHeather · New reply 5:34 pm
  • Discussion in Rheumatoid arthritis (RA Connect) · 2 replies
  • Have read on 2 other sites that people are having success with Serrapeptase for Inflammation in Rheumatoid Auto Immune disease. Has anyone here tried it - what happened ? What Brand and how many capsules ...

infammatory/Errosive Arthritis

  • By tamarrillo · New reply 4:51 pm
  • Discussion in Living with arthritis · 21 replies
  • Hello - Anyone have Inflammatory/Errosive Arthritis in their fingers? I never new there was such a thing until diagnosed. I have Osteoarthritis in several areas as well & Degenerative Disk Disease. I ...

I'm new here, not new to RA

  • By jnetcom · New reply 4:51 pm
  • Discussion in Rheumatoid arthritis (RA Connect) · 8 replies
  • I was diagnosed with RA about 9 yrs ago. Within 1 year I was nearly paralyzed from it. I finally got in to a good rheumatologist who started me on prenisone, plaquenil, mtx, and soon after Enbrel. I took ...

It's three AM and I'm wide awake!

  • By Lilidac · New reply 3:39 pm
  • Journal · 4 replies
  • This waiting for results is doing a number on my sleep :-/. It's so bad that my thoughts have invaded my dreams! I'm dreaming about my results and what potentially could be. But I pray to God to give ...


  • By mom2blondies · New reply 3:05 pm
  • Discussion in Medications and therapies · 29 replies
  • Getting ready to start Humira for the first time. It's my 4th med to try. Any drawbacks or side effects I should watch for? Thanks ...

Intro and Questions

  • By elltee · New reply 2:44 pm
  • Discussion in Just diagnosed · 7 replies
  • Hi, I am a 41 year old female and am struggling to find a diagnosis and was hoping for some thoughts from people who have been through this that might help. I started with joint pain in one finger five ...

To Those Who Are Physically Challenged

  • By bookcrazzzy · New reply 10:56 am
  • Discussion in Living with arthritis · 4 replies
  • This girl is incredible and the performance is fabulous (link below). If you want a lift, watch it. But the song "Because You Loved Me" really gets me. There are lots of ways to love people from mowing ...

THIS IS FOR ALL OF US :Anyone Ready To Get Well, Or at least Feel better

  • By Dkwinc41127 · Posted 10:50 am
  • Discussion in Medications and therapies · 0 replies
  • I need some volunteers to try a new treatment that is working for me, your reward is you getting better mine is same and I have to find out if coming out with a product is worth it !!!, UC-II and EAT ...

R Your Med Rec's Vulnerable to Theft

  • By Joy120 · New reply 9:09 am
  • Discussion in Rheumatoid arthritis (RA Connect) · 1 reply
  • Are Your Medical Records Vulnerable To Theft? Excerpt: "A decade ago almost all doctors kept paper charts on every patient. That is changing quickly as laptops become as common as stethoscopes in exam ...

Welcome to the new Arthritis Foundation community on Inspire!

  • By TeamInspire · New reply 8:49 am
  • Discussion in Living with arthritis · 19 replies
  • We would like to welcome our new members and check-in with those who are already active members. Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share how arthritis has affected your life. Tell the group ...

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