I have Primary Biliary Cirrhosis and I overdosed on acetaminophen

I was diagnosed with early stage Primary Biliary Cirrhosis in May last year. I have nany symptoms of PBC and take Ursofalk. Six months ago, due to my depression and other circumstances, I tried to commit suicide. Not knowing of it's horrible effects On the liver, I took 24 tablets of acetaminophen/paracetamol. I was taken to the emergency department and they checked my acetaminophen levels (but a bit earlier than the needed four hours after overdose). The doctor said my levels were normal and I was discharged. Since then, the past six months, my PBC symptoms got a lot worse and I have strong pain and discomfort in the spot where my liver is. I get a lot of joint pain, headaches, itching, constipation and my acne got worse. I had a liver ultrasound, which didn't seem to show anything. My liver function tests were also normal. I think my liver is just really inflamed and for six months, the inflammation just won't go down. I've been taking Milk Thistle supplements, but not sure if they are helping...Is there anything at all I can do to reduce the liver inflammation? Is there a possibility of recovering from acetaminophen overdose if you have PBC? I'm so scared that I made such a stupid mistake and really myself :(

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ER physicians are stronger when dealing with trauma rather than long term disease. It would be best to go to a hepatologist for treatment. The fact that function tests are normal is good but let the Hepto Dr determine and treat any damage that might exist.

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Luluintheskywithdiam ·
There is nothing more selfish than to commit suicide. Do you have depression support groups or people that you can talk with?

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Milk Thistle has been proven to help repair the liver, but, I'm sure you have done damage due to your overdose and that might be why you're having more problems now. I'm so sorry you were feeling that way! I hope you're feeling better now. I would say, to keep taking the milk thistle and to not take any aspirin or Tylenol unless you absolutely have to because they're bad for you liver. And also, look into getting into a support group in your area. They're free and you could really benefit for it.

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I too have PBC now cirrhosis and HE. My liver enzymes aren't normal yet but they are so much better then before. However, my biopsy says otherwise. Yes, a HEPA Dr is a great help in future treatment plan. My side is continuously sore I get relief for a day or less and back to soreness. My hepa Dr explains that the biliary ducts are not working properly causing the toxins to sit in the liver and eventually cause the cirrhosis. (Like plumbing that backs up.) Those toxins cause irritation and inflammation in the liver. Yes, discuss that with your Dr because your Ursofalk dose may need an adjustment. Lots of water to drink, lots to keep flushing your system. Your diet changes will help a lot to, it did help me so much.

Not to mention as these people can tell you, as the cirrhosis progress you just might get other complications that will need addressing, so a hepa dr will do ya good.

As far as depression goes, stay strong, exercise not just your body but your mind too! Educate yourself to what works to help you stay healthy. Depression doesn't have to define you, you define it. Know your symptoms and how to combat it. Sometimes easier said then done, but that's when knowing what your resources are comes in handy.

Wishing you the best...

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After reading my first post, I realize that I was a bit crass. I was just saying, think about those around you and love you. Several years ago, I dated someone and I had no idea that he cared so much about me. A year after our break up, he committed suicide. I've felt so awful about it and angry and the rest of the emotions that come with guilt.

Ive created a chat room in pal talk. This room opens from 7pm est. This is still new. It's a chat room, you can talk, type or just listen.


This is still in beta. Tomorrow is the first day it will start.

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Please find a hepatologist to treat your pbc! Drink lots of water. If you can, eat cherries are drink cherry juice. I have heard that cherries will help with the inflammation in our bodies. Also will help you to sleep.lol. Anyway, they are very tasty. Be kind to yourself. You are not alone in this battle.

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I am glad you explained yourself. I felt your first post was very harsh. A person who tried to commit suicide needs help, understanding and positive support. Not critical judgement. You never know what statements such as yours can do to a person in a bad emotional state. I have been there! Again thank you for your explanation.

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Thanks Kutrina :) I like the photo of your cat, very cute! I do have a liver doctor, but he's kind of apathetic and disinterested majority of the time. Though he's not unintelligent or a bad doctor, just a bit lethargic lol He doesn't seem too worried about the fact that I have PBC and I've overdosed on acetaminophen. I'm actually from Australia and we call it paracetamol here. The painkiller medication that contains it is called Panadol. I was just saying acetaminophen because I know that's what you guys call it in Canada and the US lol Unfortunately there aren't really any support groups for PBC in Australia, as it's a small country and PBC is very rare. Even liver doctors here don't always know that much about it...That's why I've had to resort to online groups and information. I think the only thing I can really join in person is just general support groups for people with chronic illness. Thanks for your advice :)

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Thanks very much Amy. I do have a liver doctor and he's fairly good. He's a bit apathetic, but he's intelligent and overall a good doctor. I'm very sorry to hear you have cirrhosis :( I'm in very early stages of PBC and it hasn't progressed very far yet...Judging by my symptoms, I think I've probably only had PBC for two and a half years...I'm definitely quite scared of getting cirrhosis though. Thanks for your support and advice :)

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Lisakane1967, that's OK, I actually understand why you said what you said. At first I did actually feel that you were harsh, but then when you explained yourself, I understood that you were speaking from experience. My ex-boyfriend and best friend at the time had also committed suicide, and it was very emotionally painful for everyone. I'd actually made a promise to myself that I would never kill myself after that, and I had stuck to it for nine years. My suicide attempt was pretty much a really bad mistake...I hadn't actually been planning it or anything like that. I'd just been very depressed because I suffer from depression and some other traumatic personal things happened. As well as all the symptoms from me having PBC were really getting me down. I just tried to kill myself in a complete fit of impulse, driven by really strong negative emotions. I do realise that it was selfish and I do have a lot of people in my life that really care about me, including my family and partner. I guess I just got so low that I hadn't really considered them because of my emotional pain...But now I really want to recover from my overdose and keep living.

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Hi Lulu,

This is the problem with typing.. Your meaning never comes across as to how you really feel. ugh...

I do wish you all the best. And please, keep posting. I find it like healing. Or gas. You just have to let it out... lol. Speaking of that, I had my endoscopy yesterday. The person in the recovery room next to me was passing some major gas. I laughed so hard until I thought...."did I do that too?" lol....

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again I am feeling all your pain and confusion...my slip up wasn't acetaminophen but insulin and it almost worked but God had other plans for me so now I simply keep putting one foot in front of the other, lots of prayer, time spent in the Word and yes trying to remember all the wonderful folks God has placed in my life...glad I have all of you to chat with...keep your chin up ;)

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I have been diagnosed with PBC since 1999 and like others on here the doctor who diagnosed it although he has been a great and supportive doctor but was seeing him once a year and essentially told "see you next year". In Dec 2012 it was noted that the vessel pressure resulted in a serious gastric bleed that put me in the Cleveland Clinic ICU specializing in gastric issues including PCB. In 2009 I had lymph node enlargement in my back and right side and continue to have follow-up CT to check for growth. According to the doctor at Cleveland Clinic that with my meld score if anything is going to kill me it will not be the liver. In March 2013 I was diagnosed with low platelets and low red blood cells and was placed on a chemo medication called Revlimid and can find myself on this the rest of my life to treat the low counts. This can be very scary time and situation and if this happens with you find that someone who can and will be supportive of this road. I am so lucky that I am able to continue working and have a boss who is very supportive and willing to allow me to work and ask for help when I need it when I am extremely fatigued and find it hard to work five days a week and also encouraged me to sign up for interment Family Leave which will also allow me to take time off as needed. Stay strong because it is not easy dealing and adjusting our lives to an autoimmune illness that not everyone understands. Also identify a primary doctor who will act as the ring master and is willing to be the head of your care and shares his information with the other doctors so you have the best care available. You are in my thoughts and prays we are on a long journey and unless we hit end stage need to stay strong. Add me if you want too to your friends list.

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