Does anyone have a low white blood count as a result of the Hep C virus?

I recently had bloodwork & my white blood cell count was pretty low. The doc drew more blood to make sure it was not a computer error. I won't know the results until Tues. [after labor day]. I'm a little anxious. Does the hep c virus cause this decrease?

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Yes, it does effect your blood counts, both red and white. Are you seeing a specialist for your hep C? a hepatologist or GI?

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Yes, I have a gastroenterologist. He's out til tuesday. My internest did not mention that being the reason. He is trying to clear me to have foot surgery and was concerned about possible infection.Tell me what you know about this condition, please. Thanks a bunch.

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HI there- My GI, one of the best around, recommended that I postpone any surgery until after completing treatment because of the low WBC that are side effect of hep c treatment.

It’s not clear whether you are on treatment, but in any case, best to be cautious and speak with a hepatologist

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no, not on any trt had my surgery thurs all is well I would like to b your facebook friend

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I too have low WBC count as a result of hep c treatment. I also have thyroid problems (overactive) since treatment. My Gastro told me to just stay away from sick people - everyone who might be sick with a virus or bacterial infections-anything that is contagious through touch, etc. Just be very, very careful around a lot of people too. Keep lots of hand sanitizer and wash your hands frequently.

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