They had to go in and band my varices today .they said I shouldn't be hurting but i am is this normal it is very sharp pain

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Hello Joy,

I have endured over 50 banding in the last three years, but none in the last year. You will have some discomfort with eating and swallowing food. You must eat slower and take very small bits of food. Don't eat anything in the next few weeks that are rough like chips or crackers. Eat smoother foods like yogurt, soup, oatmeal and ice cream or anything that will be easy on the throat.
When ever I get a upper endoscopy I always have a strawberry shake after the procedure to help my throat to feel better.

Depending on how many banding's you had it could take two weeks or a month. The most I had at one time was nine over a two week period. Hang tough and know this procedure saves your life. If you have any bleeding or if you vomit blood with a band in it then get to a ER as quick as you can because, you could hemorrhagic quickly like I did in 2010 causing me to flat-line. This is very rare so you worry to much about this happening.

God Speed,

Patrick (Doctor Who)

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Thank you I thought something was wrong because it was hurting so bad and they said there shouldn't be any pain .but something cold sounds good I hadn't eaten since Thursday because my stomach being so sick thank you and God Bless

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Joy, what is this "banding" you are talking about? I have no idea what it is? Just curious and trying to educate myself about all of the"ins and outs of Liver disease"..Hope you are doing better...Hugs...Sha

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It is when the blood can't get through you liver and it backs up in your esophagus and makes like varicose veins it is called esophigal varices and when they are bulging they go in and put rubber bands on them to keep them from bleeding out.I hope this helps you big hug to you

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Yup, now I understand..I hate you are having to go through that too!!! Warm Hugs to you:) Sha

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the banding was getting to the point of every 30 days . then some it just stop , last two times none. It looks like it getting better.

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That good did yours hurt when they did it

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Joy, my hubby had his banding about 4 years ago, and thank God it was his only banding. As DrWho stated, it SAVED HIS LIFE. He was vomiting vast amounts of blood due to the bleeding that we didn't know was happening. He didn't experience the post op pain that you are, but maybe it's the extent of your banding? Please call your Dr and ask about it. Hubby takes Tramadol for occasional pain; is this what they gave you?

Hope you're feeling better now. : )

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I've recently heard from a physician in Fort Smith that there is a new procedure, like laser/burn or something. No banding.
He also said there is an antibiotic out there that if you can't take the other ones for amonia levels because of the runs...that this antibiotic works to lower the ammonia!
Anyone else hear of that?

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The drug your talking about is Xifaxan. It works wonders.
As far as the pain I have been banded many times. I think on your discharge instructions it tell you to call if you're in pain.

Patrick I had to laugh when read your post...... I go for the Vanilla shake.


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Carolear...they can also inject a sclerosing agent into the vein. For my husband they did banding and then for the varices that weren't very pronounced yet they injected them. He has also had both experiences the first time he was banded it didn't hurt at all the next few times he has had severe pain. He's always an inpatient when they do them so his pain is then controlled by drugs.

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