AFP tumor marker.

Hello everyone! I hope that this day has found you feeling less sick and more blessed. I had some blood work done and the APF Tumor Marker came back elevated. Does anyone know the significance of this test in diagnosing cancer? I will have a ultrasound to confirm whether there is a mass or not on my liver. I know that my biopsy showed nodule activity 9 months ago. So if anyone is savvy regarding this test, I would really appreciate hearing from you.
God Bless!!!

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I have had hep c for about 30 yrs.,tried the treatments 2x but didn't help. Doctors just kept checking my enzymes (sp) every 6 mos never showed anything to be concerned about,then about 2 yrs. ago they found elevated tumor marker,sent me to a liver spec.and started running test.they never found a tumor but figured it must be my liver. I believe this saved my life because about 18 mos later I started bleeding from my liver ( varices ) ,had a tips procedure done. Prior to this I started throwing up blood and had my first trip to the After the tips I had several bouts of HE,horrible experience,back to emer. room. The tumor marker got me in the system for a transplant even though my meld score was only 14 and stayed there for a long time.after the tips it got moved to 18. I ended up getting a transplant on Dec.16th and started feeling better almost immediately . I don't know if this helps but this is what happened to me. My advice is to work the system, hope For the best but prepare for the worst. I will pray for you to get good news. Buck

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Good morning Tiger forever.. Thank you for your post. this is helpful. So the tumor marker test is pretty accurate in detecting cancer/ tumor activity. My number was 39.. normal is between 0.5-5.0. I am going in to have some IV therapy to address the inflammation some time this week.. Does the ultrasound confirm the diagnosis, along with this tumor marker test? I REALLY don't want to go through the biopsy again, mine was rather traumatic. Thank you for your prayers. :O) I would like to friend you if that is ok. Have a great one! you gave me hope. God Bless!

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Good Morning: Yes the Ultra Sound is often used to confirm a diagnosis of Cancer. I'm not saying you have Cancer because I'm no doctor or any medical professional of any kind, just an old sheet metal worker and welder.
From what reading I've done when the AFP is up most of the time there is Cancer, however this test cannot be trusted. When there is Cancer 40% of the time the AFP is still normal, so if you have Cirrhosis you need to have an Ultra Sound every six months. Most GP doctors seem to fine with doing them once a year or even two years, however I have read articles by Hematologist who say that this is a big mistake because sometimes an aggressive liver cancer can grow to over 5 cm. in less than a year. 5 cm. is about two inches and is large enough to take you off the transplant list.
So if you have Cirrhosis make sure you have an ultra sound or MRI, or some test where cancer would show up every six months and like everything else you have to make a schedule for each year and keep track of what tests you need to be having and shouldn't be having, the doctors will not do this for you. Last year I had so many blood tests done my iron went way down and I already have an iron deficiency, so we all need to keep track of what we need and don't need. I hope I've been a little help

Peace and Joy


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Tabtech, this helped so much. Thank you. I have a new doctor on board that is going to watch me monthly or more often if needed until she knows what is happening. I do have cirrhosis, and HCV, my MELD score is 7. my hep doc said that it is in the early stages, and I have no symptoms other than sleeplessness at night and some finger joint pain. I am a juicer, and a vegetarian so I eat very healthy. This has helped a lot. So, if in fact this is cancer, my team and I will be ready to wage war with this awful disease.
God Bless!

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I was going back to get checked out every 6 mos. I had cat scans,MRI,ultrasound and biopsy done but never found anything. They knew I had cirrhosis from having hep c but never found a tumor,not even after doing a biopsy on my liver after transplant.

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I'm thinking about you. Let us know what the follow up says. I think I said on another post that I have to have sonograms too . No fun waiting for those results. xoxo Karen:)

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Karen..Thank you so much! I will let all of you know when I hear the GOOD NEWS! I have the ultrasound this Saturday at 9:30 am.
From there To celebrate the impending good results, we are going to head into Eastern Oregon, and enjoy some family time with ones we haven't seen in a while. :O) Huge ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))) and thank you for being so sweet and caring. All of you are so amazing and supportive. Have a great day.. Be well! <3 God Bless!!

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