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sick and tired of being sick and tired

  • By wohisme · New reply 6:17 pm
  • Journal · 7 replies
  • I am suffering from cirrhosis end stage. The pain is sometimes overwhelming. The edema is nasty. I try to act like I'm fine but it's getting to be to much. I'm pretty much dying alone. I live with my ...

No Insurance

  • By Tbishop1 · New reply 6:04 pm
  • Discussion in Hepatitis C · 1 reply
  • I have been diagnosed with hep-c. During the time I was diagnosed and starting the necessary tests to begin treatment I lost my job along with my insurance. So now I am uninsured and currently only have ...

What time?

  • By Maddygirl · New reply 5:31 pm
  • Discussion in Liver transplants · 22 replies
  • For all of you who have had a transplant, I'm really curious as to what time of day or night it was when you got the call? In one of my conversations with the doctor he mentioned that the calls don't ...


  • By Marinasf · Posted 5:08 pm
  • Discussion in Alcohol-induced liver disease · 0 replies
  • I have struggled with alcohol all my life. You can probably look up my previous posts to see issues every six months or so. i.e. Bottom out, try to stop, go to AA, stop going to AA, begin again little ...

need information please

  • By BusdriverSam · New reply 4:19 pm
  • Journal · 16 replies
  • So dad got his tube put in. We are up to the 5 cans a day. And more than enough water a day. But when you only eat by tube. How often is a bm? Sound gross but it has been awhile and the tube is the only ...

Curious About The benifits Of Coconut Oil

  • By Duvie · New reply 3:42 pm
  • Journal · 324 replies
  • This past week I've been hearing about coconut nut oil having a lot of great benefits on the body. Can anyone say for sure that coconut oil actually is working for some patients? Thanks for any responses ...

have decided to not live alone

  • By kbostonia · New reply 2:19 pm
  • Discussion in Living with a liver disease · 26 replies
  • hello Friends after months of pondering i have decided that i am going to move from the beach and to las vegas with my best friend im having a really hard time with this i hate to give up my Independence ...

Treatment with Sovaldi and Olysio

romish (Inactive)
  • By romish (Inactive) · New reply 2:18 pm
  • Discussion in Hepatitis C · 4 replies
  • Thought I would share this with anyone starting treatment with Sovaldi and Olysio. These words are from someone who has had Hep C for 40 years. Today I took my last two pills....doses of Olysio and Sovaldi ...

Free HE Webinar TONIGHT!

  • By ALF_David · New reply 1:58 pm
  • Discussion in Hepatic encephalopathy (HE) · 4 replies
  • Hi everyone, I just wanted to remind you (or let you know, if you haven't heard) that the 2nd webinar in our HE series is tonight, in just a few hours. The presentation is at 7, and again at 9:30 pm ET ...

New Medications

  • By TheLordIsMyShepherd · New reply 12:23 pm
  • Discussion in Hepatitis C · 14 replies
  • I have Hep C...geno type1a. Tried the interferion and ribiviron 7 years ago and was a non-responder. I found a new Dr. he prescribed a combo of Sovaldi and Olysio. Said it had a 90% sucess rate. I'm just ...

8 weeks post-transplant & all is good

  • By Little1lady · New reply 12:23 pm
  • Discussion in Liver transplants · 2 replies
  • My husband received his gift of a new liver 8 weeks ago today and from that day on his life ( and mine) has changed in such a positive way. He's one of the lucky ones who has had minimal issues thus far ...

I start taking sovaldi and ribavirin next week

  • By zahish · New reply 11:59 am
  • Discussion in Hepatitis C · 2 replies
  • I m genotype 2b.viral load 7million.As far as scaring of my liver I m at stage 2.I've heard wonderful things about these new drugs,but not much about the ribavirin .Can anyone taking the same or have ...

Sovaldi, ledipasvir and Ribavirin trial completed

  • By Strider100 · New reply 11:46 am
  • Discussion in Hepatitis C · 14 replies
  • I wanted to share my husband's experience with the drugs so far. He completed the trial of the above Gilead drugs two weeks ago and is feeling much better, although he is still dealing with cirrhosis ...

New HE Webinar on 4/23!

  • By ALF_David · New reply 11:31 am
  • Journal · 7 replies
  • Hi everyone, I just want to invite all of you to attend our 2nd Hepatic Encephalopathy Webinar on Wednesday, April 23rd. "Diagnosing and Treating HE: A Patient's Perspective" will feature Dr. Kimberly ...


  • By focus4freedom · New reply 11:27 am
  • Discussion in Hepatitis C · 3 replies
  • I think I've had Hep C a very long time but was only diagnosed last month with a very high viral load. I've noticed for a long time that I don't feel as good as everyone around me.....I have little stamina ...

Had a hard life

  • By Gustalynn · New reply 10:35 am
  • Journal · 11 replies
  • Lost my father when I was 10 years old. Married at 18. Found out my husband was bisexual. Had nervous breakdown. Had a stressful job. Forgave husband and continued to go to church. We are now friends ...

nash prognosis

  • By zzzzbeauty · New reply 10:26 am
  • Discussion in Other forms of hepatitis · 5 replies
  • does anyone know the prognosis for nash. i havent seen my doctor yet see him friday but im going out my mind worrying that i will dead in a small few years. i know liver disease is very individual but ...

Liver transplant and having a glass of wine for special occasions

  • By LynnSB · New reply 10:25 am
  • Discussion in Hepatitis C · 21 replies
  • I received a double transplant liver/ kidney on December 3, 2013. Doing great. Went back to work march 18th. I was wondering if anyone that has had liver transplant has had a very occasional glass of ...

Genotype 3A

  • By chosenn · New reply 10:04 am
  • Discussion in Hepatitis C · 3 replies
  • I am taking Sovaldi and Ribavirin for Hep C, genotype 3A. The virus cleared in two weeks. I have completed 10 weeks and will have to take the meds for 24 weeks due to my genotype. Are there any other ...

Your input needed today on Hep C Medication Costs

  • By ALF_David · New reply 7:59 am
  • Discussion in Hepatitis C · 5 replies
  • Hi everybody, we've been asked to work on an article with a major news outlet about the costs of Sovaldi and other Hep C treatments, and would like to hear from you. Have you or anyone you know had financial ...

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