Pre B All

Hello Everyone,
My son Ethan is Almost 4 he was recently diagnosed With Pre-B
A.L.L on November 10 2012. It All started about 2 months prior to his diagnose date he started with a minor limp so Im thinking he's a kid so he probably hurt his ankle while running or maybe even fell. As days went on it was getting worst and worst so I ended up taking him to the doctors and the Dr. told me he thought it might have to do with his hip so they did an X-Ray and found nothing. So the dr. told me to just come back in a month if the limp does not go away, I thought to my self " I am not going to wait a month!".
A week later he had a temperature of 103.7 so I gave him Tylenol and it only went down to 102.5 so I ended up taking him to the E.R. I told them about the limp so they ended up doing more X-rays and found that he had minor pneumonia and his left ear was a little red and that was it, so they sent me home with anti-biotics. Im thinking well nobody ever did blood work so about a week after the E.R which was november 9, I scheduled him another Dr. Appt. at a different Dr.s office this time to get blood work done. The Dr their said well if he's had x-rays done by two other Dr.s he should be fine so I insisted that she please just do a blood test, she tells me if that will make me feel more at ease she will order blood work. Later that Night I get a phone call saying I need to go to the E.R and tell them that its critical and he needs to be seen right away. The lady that had called me said that a normal blood count is supposed to be around 12 and he was at 6. We took him to San Antonio Hospital in upland, CA that night they ended up doing blood work, X-rays and C.T scans. when all of those test came back they couldn't find any source of bleeding or anything wrong so the Dr. Their said they were going to send a ambulance to come get us so they can transfer him to a specialist at Loma Linda Hospital.
The Dr their explained to us that the next morning they suspected it could be leukemia that they need to take bone marrow out to see if it came back positive? So that Saturday morning( 11/10/12) they took him in to do the bone marrow test we received the results a couple of Hours later and sure enough results were positive. Drs took action right away and started Chemo the Next day(11/12/12) Drs told us most of the treatment will be in-home treatment Ethan was doing so well they released us Tuesday November 21!!!!! He Is doing pretty well on the chemo He's in day 21 of the introduction phase and is now barely starting to lose his hair. He is currently taking the Vincristine and dexamethazone Chemo. His Limping has not gone away, his Dr said it could be due to the Vancristine but we will not know for sure for a while but the limping is tied in to his Leukemia.

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