My daughter 7 days old suffer from Medulloblastoma as per the MRI report.Kindly suggest me the options available for me to save her life

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Sorry to hear that your child has this, the only thing that I can suggest is talk to the doctors they might suggest Chemo or surgery but given the fact that your child is 7 days old, they will want to be very careful, I do not know much about this type but try and google it and see whats avaiable in your area. Best wishes to you and I hope and pray everything will be ok

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Thanks Any body suggest me few hospital names who having the speciality to cure this

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I am sorry to hear you have this. First, you need surgery, you need it soon, and it needs to be done right. If you can get a total resection, your chances of survival greatly improve. Don't just go to any old neurosurgeon. Did the MRI show any spread to the spine. You need a pediatric neurosurgeon who does a lot of brain tumors. Here are some names and hospitals:

Dr. Jeff Wisoff at NYU in New York
Dr. Georgo Jallo at Johns Hopkins
Childrens Hospital in Boston/SDana Farber (ranked #1)
Hospital in Memphis that St. Judes uses for their surgeries (highest volume of pediatirc brain tumors in the country)
Cidars Sinai in Los Angeles
University of California San Franciso

This surgery is worth a road trip because if they don't get the whole tumor, it is worth it to do the surgery again with a top pediatric neurosurgeon.

After you get maximal resection, the next step for a 7 year old is radiation. Get proton beam radiation if you can get it. It's more effective and can have fewer side effects. A proton beam facility costs hundreds of millions of dollars to build, so there are only a dozen or so in this country. See for a facility near you. Boston has one, so if you go to Boston, you can stick around for proton beam treatment.

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I'm sorry, I thought I read 7 years old. If your daughter was just born, please ignore what I said about radiation; it's not on the table. Where do you live so that maybe we can find a pediatric neurosurgery center closer to you? I'm surprised they are calling this medulloblastoma based on the MRI only. Pathology will confirm the exact tumor type. If you don't end up at a NCI comprehensive cancer center for surgery, you might as well send the tumor samples to one of those institutions for a second opinion just to make sure the diagnosis is right. Plenty of cancer patients get the wrong treatment for a long time because the pathology workup was wrong.

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Thanks for sharing all the information above.
However now the contrast MRI says she is having a intraventricular Hematoma.In contrast MRI impression is

"Well defined nodular lesion is seen attached to roof of fourth ventricle,measuring 10*6 mm appear hyperintense on T1WI,hetrogeneously hyperintense on T2SWI -likely intraventricular hematoma
Evidence of moderate obstructive hydocephalus."

Kindly suggest me how i can judge which doctor is best for my daughter as she is now 15 days old.

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I think with such a young baby you need a pediatric specialist. This will involve surgery of some kind to remove the clot and/or install a shunt to drain fluid. I think your best bet is any large metropolitan university-based medical center with a separate pediatric neurosurgery department. The ones I listed above should be excellent, but there are certainly others. At very least you need a board certified pediatric neurosurgeon.

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