Biphenotypic T-cell/Myeloid Leukemia

After almost 23 months of treatment for TCell Lymphoma, Ava's dr has informed me of a discrepancy on her initial dx report...making her Biphenotypical Tcell ALL. There are so out there who have been followed because there isn't a trial, they are either treated with the COG 0434 like Ava, or with AML therapy. Just wondering if there are any other parents out there with kids who have this dx.

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My son was 20 years old when he was Dx with biphenotypic leukemia in March 2012. He was treated with an ALL protocol to get into remission, then received a sib match bone marrow transplant in May 2012. He is 6 months post transplant and doing very well. The chemo, radiation, and transplant, plus a life threatening infection post transplant were all very difficult and scary but we were very blessed to have an excellent healthcare team and a perfect match brother (only sib). I wish Ava all the best.

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Hi,i have completed my treatment T-ALL(acute lympoblastic leukemia) in in june 2012 which was started on 2009 april almost three years,now am fine and doing well,i have taken treatment in NIMS hospital (hyderabad india) and i thank full to my doctor sadhasivudu(MOG) and team for giving me a good treatment.

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Thank you for telling me about your son. Was he not in remission after induction? Is that why he had a transplant? We were.told that because she was a fast reaponder to treatment with MRD <.01 at the end of Induction that she wouldn't have needed a transplant. I'm now wondering if her dr is trying to cover up his mistake of not following through on her treatment in telling me about the biphenotypic. Where was your son treated? Thank you!

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He did reach remission following induction but initially his counts increased. It was after the asperagenase (sp?) that his numbers responded, if he did not respond they were considering an AML protocol. Transplant was recommended because he had a couple of positive genetic markers (philadelphia not one of them), his brother was a perfect match, biphenotypic is so rare, he was slow to respond to the chemo protocol initially and if you survive the transplant it can be a "cure" . It was a very difficult decision to make with all the risks associated with transplants. He was treated at Cook Children's in Fort Worth Texas---The entire team is exceptional in areas of expertise and caring about their patients. I hope this info helps.

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This info helps more than I can tell you. I am just trying to figure out if Ava's treatment would have truly.been the same. She had cranial radiation and had to get Erwinase b/c of an allergic reaction to Peg. She was a fast responder and had.<.01 MRD (Minimal Disease Residual) in her bm at the.end of Induction. I am still trying to get answers as to why there was a discrepancy on the report. She was Philadelphia neg as well. I just cannot imagine going through this again and I know some of these kids relapse. She only has 4 mos left of treatment, April 5, 2013. They are doing a bone marrow aspiration at her next Lp in Jan to check the MRD. If it is still.<.01 we know we have been on the right road. If not, then I guess ahe should've had a transplant. (?) This has been beyond confusing and get this new dx now. Thank you so so much for any info you can share. I am so happy your son is doing well. I have heard wonderful things about Cooks. Ava was dx at Shands UF, transferred to Arnold Palmer Hospital, and now we are back at Shands. It is a good thing because I don't thonk we would have learned about this if we hadn't gone back. ((I'm pretty sure her dr. forgot.) You can visit Ava's Caringbridge site if you like:

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