My sister was diagnosed with brain tumor last July when the symptoms of head ache ,vomiting ,numbness in her right hand started . We took a MRI ,the doctors confirmed that the tumor has to be removed surgically . She took the surgery . The doctors had advised to take a MRI every six months .The second MRI which we took after the surgery showed some residue of the cells . The doctors told us to undergo radiation ,chemotherapy. For second opinion we consulted another doctor who said that the tumor which is remaining after surgery is larger in size in which case radiation cannot be done( this was told by a radiologist). The radiologist told us to first get the tumor operated surgically then come for radiation . We had forwarded my sister's report to another doctor who was a relative of my friend,he however said that everything is normal and there was no need for any more surgeries until my sister has repetition of headache or vomiting. Last week she had an acute headache,vomiting and numbness in hands so we took MRI , which showed that the tumor has regrown . Now the doctors want us to undergo a surgery and then radiation or chemo.

We do not know what to do . She is just 10 yrs old . The cells removed during the surgery were confirmed to be astroblastoma in one hospital ....same thing the other hospital confirmed to be CPC . I think the doctors themselves are not sure what grade it is,which worries us even more.I guess the treatment for both are different . Now we know that first she has to undergo a surgery but after that what to do .... follow treatment of astroblastoma or CPC.

We don't know what to do .... who to believe .....kindly help us is someway. Any help from your organization will be greatly appreciated .
Again kindly help us.....

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