Sister's Meningioma

This post is to explain my sister's experience (I will jump to the end and say she is doing great now) and maybe help some others.

My sister went for an MRI to 'rule out' anything serious. I lived away and was visiting her for February vacation. When the phone rang at 7:30 pm and her husband shouted out it was the doctor, well no doctor ever calls at night with good news.

She was diagnosed with a giant petroclival meningioma. She met many doctors over the next three weeks. The hardest thing I have ever done was try to comfort her kids, while not letting them see I was scared out of my mind too.

She got two different treatment approaches. The first was remove what they could then use radiation.

The second was a massive surgery to remove the tumour.

I can't imagine how she and her husband felt trying to make this decision.

She opted for the surgery with Dr Al-Mefty at Brighams. I cannot say enough good things about this surgeon. For the rest of my life he will be in my thanksgiving 'what I am thankful for'.

It was a 2 day surgery. The first day was the orthopedics - preparing the skull for the surgery. The second was the 14 hour surgery to remove the tumour itself. The surgery went well but in the morning when the surgeons came around and checked her they told me she had 'aphasia'. She couldn't speak - she couldn't say her kids names. She was rushed for more MRI's and scans and doctor after doctor came through looking worried.

We were all beside ourselves, especially her husband thinking of his 3 kids and of course himself seeing his wife like this.

The next morning when I went to leave her so the nurse could administer meds etc - I touched her hand as I had all the previous day and night and said - I'll be right back. This time she turned to me and said - where are you going? I almost fell over. the ICU nurse was so excited she nearly jumped for joy. Her husband rushed back to the hospital and by the time he got there she could speak, she knew us all and she was even able to get up and go for a walk around the ICU.

She is still suffering from double vision and hearing problems.

She is now tumour free and can live the rest of her life.

So please have faith and if anyone has a meningioma I really really really recommend Dr Al -Mefty.

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