High glucose

My husband who has GBM now has high glucose. Any info would be appreciated.

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When my husband went on steroids his glucose went up along with a huge craving for sweets. A lot of things can cause higher glucose levels, the best thing todo is keep in touch with the Doctor about it.

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High glucose is usually associated with taking drugs in the category of steroids. Steroids are given for brain swelling. These drugs are commonly reduced as the brain swelling decreases. The doctor will follow his glucose by periodic blood tests or home monitoring.Your husband may require medication to lower the blood glucose level. Following a healthy diet low in sweets helps to keep the blood sugar under control. Exercise also helps with control of high glucose. If his high glucose continues, he may need to see an internist to develop a long term management plan. Here is a link to the ABTA Steroid brochure which may provide some insights. http://www.abta.org/secure/steroids-brochure.pdf
Mary Lovely, PhD, RN

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To ECRobinson,
My husband, a retired physician with a GBM4 (diagnosed 8/12), had very high glucose with Decadron use and went nuts for sweets for awhile. When he tested his blood sugar at that time it was very high. He is now on a very low carb/no sugar diet to keep his glucose down. Both my husband and I believe what research says, that glucose feeds cancer.

I tried to get my husband on the low sugar diet right away, but due to the craniotomy, etc., he was very disoriented and could not focus on it. He had really lost his bearings post-op, but now his cognition is MUCH better and he is making sense out of what to eat and not eat.

Good luck - Suzie

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