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i would like anyone interested in how diet and lifestyle can affect cancer cell growth to know about a book i value dearly. its called "anticancer, a new way of life", by dr david servan-schreiber. all people can relate to it, not just ones with cancer or brain cancer. i very highly recommend it to the public at large. it lists anti-cancer super foods and what to avoid in your life to discourage cancer cell proliferation.
it has been discussed tangentially on the forum, but not specifically.

unfortunately the author passed away in july 2011 after a 20 year battle with brain cancer.

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His battle was l0 years with brain cancer. This book is amazing. And yes, his diet makes a lot of since. Many woman on the OVCA inspire follow his book and advice. Check out a book called PH Miracle by Robert Young. Best to all of us. L

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his death may have been reported as 10 years by some sources, but he initially had it in his early 30s and then it recurred at 49. eath 20110726

im not familiar with the OVCA--what is it?
i will check out the book. thanks!

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Hi Ovarian cancer...L

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Thanks for sharing this imformation...I love the book "Cancer, Step outside the box" by Ty Bollinger and along with Bill Henderson and other wise folks glean as much integrated information as I can....we need to have an arsenal of data to stay healthy and happy as long as possible...I have ordered the book Anticancer and look forward to reading it, learning more and living longer

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I have this book and have used quite a lot of the ideas in it. The strongest point I think he makes is the link between the mind and body. Things like stress, anger, etc cause a lot of cancer enhancing characteristics in the body - inflammation etc. The diet stuff is also good. Definitely worthwhile anyone with cancer having a read of it.

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