30th anniversary of a brain stem astoricytoms

Today is my 30 years since my diagnosis of a brain stem asytrocytoma, and i am still here. I am living proof the even the best doctors are not always right. I am happy, but wish there were more long term studies on brain tumor survivors. I have lost the use of my right and most of my leg, but had a great night last night with 20 deaf-blind adults. made me realize its great to know I am not alone with brain tumor junk.

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Congratulations! Your strength, determination and attitude are an inspiration as I struggle with my own rapidly approaching one year commemoration of the discovery of my tumor.

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Great news. In February it will be 37 years since my daughter was diagnosed with an astrocytoma in the celebelum and brain stem and a second turomor when seh was 21. She has difficulty with her rights side also and lost most of her vision, but she is a survivor. Also the doctors told me she would not live from the brain tumor. So doctors do not always know the future, we have to leave that up to God.

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I am a survivor of oligoastrocytoma! Almost 1 year for me! thank you for sharing your story inspires me!

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Thank you for you replies. It's true that we are better together.

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Dear SDKarBear, Finding your post was my Christmas present! Thank you. I was diagnosed with a tumor on my brain stem. It was actually missed on an MRI taken 7.5 years ago. I had IMRT in Sept 2011. All of the stories that I read about brain stem tumors are tragically depressing. This is such a great forum to let us know we are not alone. I chose to remain positive and believe in possibilities. Thank you so much for sharing. May you have many happy New Years!

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Congratulations! Your story is truly inspiring and gives hope.I am an almost 7 year survivor of an astrocytoma grade 2.(It will be seven years in March).

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