Red Flag to a Bull - Silenced / restricted in UK

Back again. Silenced- Unfair Hearing on Forums & Phone ins Raising Medical / Social Issues & Concerns .Set up by admin as adversarial .

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Silenced [ restricted] Causing Anxiety as No fair hearing by unreasonable undemocratic Procedures & Policy of HealthUnlocked

Posted by julieS 0 minutes ago

To Melody on Fibro site - can't even message - or community blog yet they send newsletter link??!!! Complaining about driving conditions .

Listen to last nights LBC Radio Talkin 30th Jan probably a podcast now , round midnight Duncan B .

First of all they are going to stop older Drivers driving or if you have a medical condition.

Do MPs want to know? A visit to them may be in order .Tests for all at intervals of 5 - 10 yrs & sometimes urgent intervention could be needed but if health & social services was working fairly wouldn't happen

Never mind the maladministration of social services & medical records [ only allowing one condition] incorrect siting of signs with no information changing the regulations .

I believe the traffic lights can have their timings set you could find out with a FOI [ Freedom of Information Request ] to LA or MET whoever issues notice. . The last I did proved my case 100 unfair PCNS had been given out yet Adjudicator a Barrister ignored this & moreover less said if raise issue he would report me to DVLA .This is red flag to a bull as very ethical.

As for biased Appeals the Adjudicators paid by the local councils but pretend independent making mind up before you present . The Chief Adjudicator for London told me when in Picadilly they were not there to administer justice.Since got an MA 2003 with DSA round this so can't be that daft.

When I recount experiences fairly on other sites it says rejected & doesn't always publish. ?Shall we have a go now.... Oh dear!

PS. Maybe you could inform others ?

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