LG maintaining

LG seems to be maintaining. He knows when he's having a bad day and chooses to basically just rest on those days. He still loses words on occasion and looks to me to fill the blank in with the word he can't think of. We were fortunate to get to go to FL for a week. The trip did wonders for us both. Just a change off scenery and routine can be good! Plus we were blessed with excellent weather. As long as he's with me he's not bothered by new surroundings.

LG had a recent problem wt. his eye vitreous. In seeing the specialist to have it checked he was unable to answer questions about his former eye surgery he had. (Shocking to me since he is a retired optometrist.)

I know we are fortunate as he seems pretty stabilized in the stage he is in. No better-no worse.

Blessings to all of you in the love and care you give your loved one(s).

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