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My 88 year old mother -in-law lived with us for 2 and 1/2 years. She went into the hospital in September with a urinary tract infection, dehydration and difficulty walking, and fluid on the brain. She stayed in the hospital for 8 days and then went to a nursing home for rehab. She was anemic about 3 weeks ago and was sent to the hospital for 2 units of blood and stayed overnight.

Last week she was non responsive when they tried to get her up for the day. My husband and I happened to be visiting and noticed she was having seizure like symptoms and called the nurse. She witnessed the jerking body movement and called the doctor. She went to the hospital and was found to have another UTI and dehydration. She also needed 2 units of blood. We asked why she needed blood again and where was it going. They did an upper GI test and said bleeding was not coming from there. They might have to do a colonoscopy. They did a swallow test and said she was have swallowing problems. They did a second swallow test and same thing. They are going to repeat the test on Wednesday. MY husband and I are of the opinion that the colonoscopy is unnecessary as she is unable to walk, talk, or eat at this time and there is NO quality of life at this point. We feel there is nothing that can be done to help improve her life. She has a living will and did not want to be kept alive with an devices. She has a DNR(do not resuscitate) order on file. We asked them to keep her comfortable. She is receiving nurishment through an IV since she cannot swallow. We do not want to put her through surgery for a feeding tube if that is what they recommend due to the fact that other loved ones have had one and died within a few days anyway. We are not sure we want them to do any other tests at this point as we feel there is really nothing that can be done. Someone said their mother had similar circumstances and the hospital suggested Hospice. At what point do we say "enough is enough"? Anyone have an suggestions or recommendations?

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