Hi Everyone

I know it has been awhile since I posted in my journal so I thought I would fill you all in.

Mom, this has been one of the worse months for her. Just this month she has had the following, flu, UTI, URI, receiving breathing treatment 3 times a day for over a week, fell again and now back to therapy as been in the wheel chair for 3 weeks and can't walk again. Now they have a stomach virus going around the Memory Lane. When the flu was going around they closed down the ward to all visitors for over a week. That was hard to deal with. Last week when I saw her she was so out of it but did know who I was. Needless to say I was thrilled. I hope next month is better for her as she will be 91 on 2/11.

Pat, went to the shoulder doctor last week and got good news that he does not need shoulder surgery and he is doing a few exercises to get the arm moving slowly. Then he goes back again to the ortho doctor in 3 weeks & then start therapy. He also goes back to the back surgeon this Friday and I hold that goes well, we shall see. Also he goes back in a week to see how is his glaucoma is doing. I sure hope all goes well.

Kristine is doing so well and feeling on top of the world since she has been cleared of the thyroid cancer. She is now volunteering at her son's school helping out where ever they need her and feel so good about it.

My other daughter Kelly & I just went today for the final hearing for that nasty divorce that she has been going through. It still is not over but the last time we need to go to court. Hopefully the paper work will all be figured out in two weeks. The poor boys are having a very difficult time with all of this that they are showing signs in school and in their health. I can't wait until things start settling down for them.

Me, well I am doing my best to hanging in there and making sure I don't get sick so that I am available to take care of everyone else. I am so looking forward to the spring and summer. This up and down with the weather is just such a teaser. Yesterday was in the 20's and today got up to 74!

I hope you are all doing good and remember I always keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care and hope your loved ones that you are caring for is doing OK.

Forever Friends,
Mary Ann

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