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I have been overwhelmed lately buy everything that is going on between my family and work and it has been giving me massive migraines. So today I told my husband that I was going to take my male rottie for a walk in Canon City, the next town. I was going to take my Pooh and go for a walk alone. I did and was gone for about 3 hours, Pooh and I went for a walk and went and got him a hamburger and me a coke and then we went and seen my husband at his job. Then when I got home all the family had to tell me what the others were doing and how bad they were. I am going to stress out if it keeps going. I really enjoyed my walk it was a small one just a mile but it was so peaceful and quite and Pooh and I really needed the break. I must say that walking with a 4 yr old male rottie attracts alot of attention, expecieally when he weighs more than I do. LOL. But why do I feel so guilty for going, I had my parents, my middle boy and my daughter and my grandson all at home. So no one was alone but I felt so guilty for doing it. I felt like I sneaked out and did something wrong. But it sure felt good when I was doing it. The weather was in the low 60's with the sun shinning and looking at the water and the mountain all around was just great. but I had to come home. I am sorry for rattling but it just had to come out. I am going to try to go for a walk atleast once a week but hopefully I wont feel so bad when I get home. My son and daughter in law and grandson are moving into there new home around the first of March and I really really am glad. Well I had better go and clean the kitchen from supper. I hope that everyone has a blessed evening

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