Father with Dementia

My father has dementia and constantly eats and forgets and eats and forgets all day long. I don't know what to do about this, do I chain the fridge closed, put in on a food suppressant? His doctor does nothing and I mean nothing to help my father and my brother who live 6 miles away has done nothing to help. Me and my three teen age kids take of him but I have never known anyone with this condition. I have Lupus and Arthritis so I am usually in pain and feel like I just can't handle this situation but then I start feeling guilty and push those thoughts out of my mind and push forward. I can't even get the doctor to tell us what stage he is so how do I prepare? If anyone knows the stages maybe you can help me figure it out. My father forgets when he has eaten, he craves sugar, he hates to bathe, he gets angry easy, he forgets who people are he knew for years, he has no idea the date, time or even what town we live in.


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