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Well mom is going to the neurologist for the first time today. It was a war getting her to accept that she was going. I finally told her she was going and that was it. We have been arguing about it for almost a week, I told her that I had to take off work to do this and she was going she said no dont take off work and I told her that my schedule was made a week ago and I couldnt change it. She agreed to go. I just hope that he can give her something that will help her. I am going to make an appointment for me at my dr so I can get something to help me then next. I just worry about how she is going to take it if she realizes why we are there she says she is not sick so why is she going to the dr. How do I explain why we are going. I have told her its becouse she forgets stuff and she says she does not. I told her to get her tax papers from last year and her stuff from this year together so we can get her and daddys taxes done and she informed me she had not filed taxes in years, I told her yes she did becouse I took her and she said no she didnt . yesterday she found her return information and appoligized to me. This goes on all the time and its getting to me. Please Pray that everything goes ok today I am taking her with out daddy so it will just be me and her. Thanks everyone

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