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I know that there are a lot of things I have to remember to check on. Like make sure the doors are locked AFTER hubby goes to bed. In the warm weather, check to make sure he hasn't turned the AC off. He complains that 80 is too cold in the summer with the AC on. Now, he complains 70 is too hot with the heat on. I know I have to check the thermostat before I go to bed. I set it at 70 at night, 71 if the 2-yr old grandson is with us. Baby was with us last night. His bed is in the office which is part of our bedroom (2/3 of a wall divides the office from the bedroom). The baby woke up in the middle of the night (he doesn't usually do that). Brought him into bed with us. Was so cold, thought it was just me. Baby woke up about four times last night. My pain is always at least a 2-3 with arthritis meds. This morning I was at 8! My throat is sore. He turned the heat completely OFF! But, when I said something about it, of coarse, he didn't do it. Someone else did it. We were the only three people here. I know the baby didn't do it and neither did I. You can't argue with a crazy person. Okay so, add check that the heat isn't turned off after hubby goes to sleep.

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