I am happy to inform that momz although doesn't speak a sentence and just says words trying to make sense, she is a bit more stable now. My ex is the only one she will stand up for now, so he is forced to involve himself with her. His good for nothing sister, is still good for nothing, but at lease she hasn't had a drink in 32 days and i applaude her for that, but she is no help. I told her she better get her act together because as soon as possible hopefully April, I am outa here.

Thank you all

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Good to hear things are finally turning around for you!
32 days without a drink is great! Even if she is still not too helpful.
So, can we inquire about your plans for April, and on into the future?

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Good to hear that. I am glad your ex is getting involved. I am also glad to hear that 32 days for his sister. I hope she is going to AA meetings.
I hope whatever your plans are in April, it is something good. Please keep in touch.

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I am on the settlement stage of a worker's comp. case. They made their first offer which I refused. On 3/27/13 I will be going back to court for another try. I want them to pay for my retraining because I can no longer lift boxes, haul dollies, cashier, or break down pallets.

So we'll see what happens. It is my interest in becoming an interpreter for either court in family mediation, or a medical interpreter.

I am a talker, and I love to help people, so this is right up my alley, plus I can work as an independent contractor which with my criminal background would be the best thing for me because I am very well liked as a person, but when my history appears in regards to employment, I am judged and stereotyped. Then it is my plan to go to Texas for a little while and see how things work out there. My two daughter's are there and my 22 year old is having another baby. So I want to go help her.




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Good luck with your new journey, FINEFAMILY.

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I can't wait for you to post that you have moved to TX.... Please keep us posted - I wish you good fortune!

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