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My Mother and Daddy both have dementia. We have caregivers staying with them 24 hours a day. Mother starts spitting as soon as she gets up in the morning. At first she would just spit into the trashcan sitting beside her, but now she has begun to spit on the floor or into the cup containing her beverage. We recently stopped the oxybutinin that she was taking thinking that it might be drying her out ... but it hasn't helped. It is almost constant. Has anyone else experienced this behavior?

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I have not experienced that. I do not know if any of these will help, but maybe...

Is there any way to distract her, make her think of doing something else (hopefully more acceptable)?
Perhaps doing something mouth oriented like brushing her teeth? There are sponges on a stick with a tiny bit of dentifrice on them that might be easier than a trip to the sink and a traditional toothbrush. The dentifrice on these sponges is OK to swallow.

Is the spit actually ending up on the floor? Would a bib help? Or put her chair on linoleum or other easier to clean flooring. Not on carpet. If there is no hard floor surface, then surround her with towels.

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