how much does aricept cost without insurance

I came to know that i can get generic aricept 5mg 30 pills for $49.99 here Can i purchase below this, I don't have any insurance. Plz help

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Check with the manufacturer. If you are below the poverty level you could qualify for PAP assistance and get it free if it is offered as PAP. I think your monthly income would have to be less than $1,400 a month. Also check with your area Council on Aging if you are disabled or over 60. There are agencies than often can help out.Sometimes churches have assistancwe programs also. I live in Lafayette, LA and we have some programs here. Hope there is something where you live. Good luck. :)

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I forgot to mention to ask your doctor for samples. They get loads of samples and throw lots away because they expire. Even though they exceed the date they are still effect for a while after. aSAsk your pharmacist. I volunteer at a free clinic 1 day a week and have been learning a lot. There is help out there if you look around. It varies from state to state and city to city.

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Oh, my, I guess I'm not fully awake yet. My spelling/grammar was not good in the previous replies. I must take my time and reread my replies before sending. My son would have a field day with this one as I was always on him to take his time and check over his work. I was a Language Arts teacher so I know better. I just need to slow down and take my time. It seems like MY time always belongs to someone else like my husband, HIS mother with AD, or my son and his daughter. Ha! Such is life. Have a great day/week!

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Even if you can't get the Aricept free, you might ask the doctor to prescribe the generic for it instead. That probably will be less expensive. And Cajun lady is correct. Most doctors do get sample by the truck load, so quiz the doc and get some from him. Good luck in your quest. This d--- disease is bad enough without not having insurance to help you out. Do follow up on all the suggestions Cajun lady suggested. They are great possibilities for assistance.

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Thank you CajunLady51 & madmommic the information was really helpful.

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