Has anyone heard of bio anue? Found it online. It claims to prevent and actually reverse altzhiemers. I suspect it's a load of hooey but can't help wondering. I take other vitamins b12, acetyl l carnitine, and resveratrol. I also eat oatmeal for breakfast, veggies and fruit especially blueberries and have started , drink lots of water no more soda pop also meditate for relaxation breathing deep and slowly. Oh also I play words games with friends. These are changes I chose to make to my lifestyle after my father was diagnosed. It's extremely hard to see him this way. He is in the end stages and is in a nursing home. I pray the lord will take him in his sleep.

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Good for U but number 1 should be don't worry about if it comes to any of us the more U fight it the worse it gets. The rest of the stuff U r doing is great just keep up the good work n God will take care of the rest. I believe that the number one cause is worrying about things we can't change. So just love ur Dad even if U think he doesn't know U because in his head maybe he doesn't but in his Heart Love doesn't forget. I always say a name is just a name but True Love is 4Ever. Take Care Always

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Beautifully said mojo! I think god has lead me to this site because there are good people here. I will try not to worry so much :) I would like to share something else. One time when I was visiting my dad he seemed alittle more alert than usual so I just started talking to him about everything I could think of he was looking directly into my eyes and even though I wasn't sure if he understood me I continued and when I ran out of things to say he took my hand and just looked into my eyes. That connection of love was stronger than I have ever felt from my dad. I savored it and he savored it. Even in his late stage he is able to communicate without saying one word.

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I believe somethings should or could be said without words . Its more if we couldn't talk e would use other senses n even though they can look like they don't acknowledge maybe they can't but it touches the spirit where it counts. Take Care Always

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I think by the time our parents have been diagnosed, it is way to late to try to implements vitamins and herbs... That is just my opinion. They have spent a lifetime putting things into their bodies that they shouldn't, (not because of anything they would have known different). Their parents ate whatever they wanted and propbably never got AD and many of the other diseases we are now having to deal with with our parents). They didn't do to our food back then what they do today.... Chemicals, hormones, etc.....

I know we will all still try everything we can, but I think that if we want to try to dodge this evil disease we all need to start implementing healthy living and eating.....

I also pray that your father will pass in his sleep... I pray the same for my mom.

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