Bifocal Cortical Atrophy

Does anyone know of someone who started with dementia or early Alzheimers at 52? I had a CT scan of my brain for headaches, what it showed was bifocal corticol atrophy, which I understand is aging of the brain and some wasting away of brain cells. When I looked it up, the informations stated said this could be early signs of dementia or alzheimers or even MS or ALS. I do have some memory problems from time to time but assume this is the normal aging process. I am worried about getting older with a possible neurological condition. My mother had dementia and passed away almost a year ago. She was however 91. The emergency room ran the scan and never mentioned any need to worry, but assumed I was following up with my primary dr. which I have not, since I was feeling better and didn't pick up the ct scan report until the other day. Now I am wondering if I should call my dr. and get advice or just see a Neurologist. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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I would think at this point return to your regular doctor. When you make the appointment make sure they understand you want to discuss the results of the CT scan and that they have that report. If they do not have a copy, offer to get copies and run it over to them well before the appointment.
Then list, on paper, the things that concern you. Recent changes whether mental or physical. Very brief family history.
It is great that your mother lived to be 91! How long did she have any signs of dementia? Was this formally diagnosed as any particular form of dementia?

This site and others have a lot of information about dementia and its many causes, so do some looking around. Some of the signs are pretty vague, or can point to many different possibilities, so do not jump to conclusions. If the things that are worrying you match some of the signs of certain diseases it does not mean you have that disease!

Work with your regular doctor, get referrals to specialists. Let one doctor be a sort of central clearing house for all your medical issues, even if it is just information kept as notes in your file. When you have a more accurate diagnosis you might then talk about having a specialist be the main person in charge.

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I saw a neurologist, and she said the atrophy was unusual for my age, usually seen like this in a 60-65 yr old. Plus I have trouble with short term memory loss and mixing some words up. She is ordering an MRI to r/o hippocandal atrophy. I may have spelled it wrong but its the part of your brain responsible for short term memory loss. Anyway ever hear of this?

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I understand the concepts of how the brain remembers new things, for a short time or places that into more permanent storage, but I do not know the medical terms, or the details about what happens when that system does not function so well.
Please continue posting, and I am sure someone else can come forward with more details.

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