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We recently saw a doc specializing in AD integrative therapies for my wife, recently diagnosed with early onset AD - PCA to be exact. He recommended a diet heavy in fats like coconut oil, moderate in proteins, and no carbs or sugar, or as close to zero as possible. That includes no fruits! And no starches! He did say that an occassional apple or a few berries are OK, but the problem is they have, or convert to sugar. And no veggies that grow in the ground, e.g., carrots, beets, potatoes, etc. Free range organic chicken, grass fed beef and wild caught fish are great. Avocados also great, as are nuts and seeds. And all veggies should be organic. For drinks, he said organic sugar-free almond milk was excellent. Also, a glass of red wine per day is OK, and 100%cocao (which is sugar-free) is OK. Pretty much a modified Paleo diet. It's going to be difficult, but we're going to give it a try and see if we see improvement. Does anyone have any experience with a diet similar to this? We'll keep you posted...

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We haven't tried the dramatic diet you mention but my husband has been on coconut oil and MCT oil for a year now and I have found it really helping. I don't think he has regressed too much in this past year. I first noticed the improvement when he was unable to tell me the date and now he tells me the day, month and year without hesitation. I would appreciate it if you could let me know if the diet has helped ... I am a believer in going natural and, quite honestly, am afraid of the drugs!

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Interesting feedback! What kinds of MCT oil do you use? Is that in addition to the MCT that's already in the coconut oil. Also, what dosage do you use for the coconut oil and MCT? Thanks

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I buy MCT oil (by NOW) from the health store and give him three tablespoons a day with meals. Then I try and get as much coconut oil into him as possible. He takes a good spoonful in his oatmeal at breakfast, more at lunch (from the spoon or in place of butter in a sandwich) and I also cook with it. I find onions and mushrooms are delicious done in coconut oil! Hope that helps and I would love to know how your wife gets along with the diet and if you find an improvement.

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Forgot to mention - make sure your coconut oil is organic virgin and be careful not to give MCT oil too close to bedtime (can be a bit too stimulative). My husband isn't bothered by it at bedtime as he falls asleep really well but there can be a problem, just like having a coffee too close to bedtime for some people.

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What is MCT oil? I was determined to slowly switch my mother over to a low carb diet when we moved her in, but that is all she wants to eat. Oatmeal, bread, potatoes etc. If I was home cooking meals I could sneak more veggies and less breads in, but my husband is home with her all day. He is a carboholic and thinks it's ok to eat like that.

Of course we didn't even know my mom had AD when she moved in around Thanksgiving. Her doctor at that time kept telling me there was nothing wrong with her. Now that the disease has progressed at an alarming rate I wonder how I can change her diet. She doesn't want to eat anything that is good for her. She even made a face at blueberries one day. Blueberries and strawberries were always good. Now not so much.

How do you get your loved ones to eat what's healthy or are they still ok to agree it would be helpful to be healthful.

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Amgbluesky, I am in a sense fortunate that my wife's condition is now mild and early-on, so she is motivated to "try anything" that could help. It's probably a lot more difficult if your loved one is older and has decided at some level that there is little or no hope. I continue to reinforce all of the interventions that offer hope, and reminding her that if we can at least halt or slow the progression, that we may someday have a medicine that will reverse the condition. If you have a neurologist in your area that also subscribes to integrative medical approaches, it might help with the motivational aspect. Be well and keep the faith...

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Thanks for your suggestions on the MCT Oil. I'm going to add this to my wife's daily regimen.

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I eat a diet rich in whole grains, no raw sugar, lots of vegetables and fruits. They say regular long walks on a daily basis. I've never tolerated caffeine now I love a glass of ice coffee every morning.

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I think the drugs get a bad rap. It about all we have at this time that can be a benefit in slowing the progression of the disease and preserving our activities of daily living for a longer period of time and most important our independence.

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