A day to remember.

For once in a long time we had a very good day. With the exception on one small tantrum it was an especially good day. My daughter had a halloween party for her 3 children. My brother an d his wife came and brought their children. My other sister that usually does not come showed up with her son, and my youngest son and his wife and her brother came. Also a couple of other kids were here. We had a haunted hay ride with a haunted house. ( next door to my moms house). Mom stayed home. I was able to join the fun for just a little while but boy o boy was it fun. We scared the kids and everyone had a good times. Mom did great sitting at home. I told everyone not to come on to see her but one at a time. That worked great. She can't seem to be able to handle to many people at once. It felt so good to be a little normal for a change. ( being around some of my other family) my daughter talked to my brother and his wife about them needing to help with my mom sometimes. I hope they will. All in all ths was the best day Ive had Ina very long time.

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Thank you for sharing about your special day that you had with your family and friends. I absolutely love Halloween.

I am glad your mom did well:)

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