Veterans' Day demonstration for the release of IPLEX, Washington, DC

PALS Go To Washington D.C.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are asking for your assistance in this David vs. Goliath battle against the forces that have denied PALS (patients with ALS) access to the therapeutic Iplex.

Team Iplex has decided to bring our case to Washington, DC. We are in the process of organizing & coordinating a peaceful demonstration to protest and create awareness of this particular travesty of justice. We have decided to expose the triumvirate of Genentech/Tercica/Insmed and their official & immoral philosophy of profits over human life.

What we are asking is that you join us on our 11/11/08 peaceful protest in Washington, DC. As we all know, there is strength in numbers. With your help and involvement, we will be able to apply the very much needed pressure, which will once and for all, gain the release access of Iplex into the hands of PALS.

After several attempts to get straight answers out of the principals in this patent dispute, we have slowly come to the realization that the triumvirate of Genentech/Tercica/Insmed does not care about our right to live. We believe the time to stop sitting by silently has come to an end.

What we will be demanding is that all three - Genentech/Tercica and Insmed - come to the table and develop an immediate agreement to facilitate a release of Iplex. All we want is the same opportunity that Genentech/Tercica/Ismed has given to PALS in Italy.
Better said, we want the same opportunity and chance at life as those that are dying and suffering from ALS in Italy. End of story!

The bottom line is that we can't continue to stand around waiting. Not with ALS!!! We've already tried asking; that simply doesn't work. It's time to start demanding our right to life, our right to a therapeutic. What Team Iplex is proposing has already been done successfully by Italian PALS. I say if we come up short in our mission, we try again in six months. The only way we can possibly lose is by giving up. Brothers and Sisters, how on earth do we possibly expect different results from the same methods? So at least for two or three days, let's get off the ALS forums and get together in Washington, DC. What have we got to lose?

Please help our effort to help ALL PALS obtain a therapeutic.

Team Iplex
Please Contact One of the Team Leaders about the Details.

Andrea Vaughn, California
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Debbie IPLEX, New Jersey
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Eddie Esparza, Chicago
E-mail Address(es):

Eric Fox, Michigan veterans)
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Guy IPLEX Chicagoland)
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John Citron IPLEX
E-mail Address(es):

Kathy T work IPLEX
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Steve Byer, Wisconsin)
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Virginia Schoenfeld, Military Liaison)
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