Where to get 4 hour gastric emptying scan in NY suburbs?

I currently live in a New York suburb about 50 miles outside of NYC. My motility doctor is located in Valhalla NY and is affiliated with Westchester Medical Center. He gave me a prescription for a 4 hour gastric emptying scan, but I can't seem to find a hospital in the area that does the 4 hour GES - they all do 90 minute and 2 hour GES, which I have already had. I had the 90 minute test in February, but now that I have been able to see a motility specilaist, he does not belive the 90 minute tests are accurate, and wants me to get the 4 hour test instead. Does anybody know of a facility that will do the 4 hour test in my area? My doctor's hospital doesn't do it, and my doc is on vacation for a while, so I can't ask him to recommend another place, and his office can't give me any guidance. I know I could probably find a place in NYC if I had to, but I would like to avoid doing it in NYC if I could.

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I don't have a location but do have a suggestion, maybe it'll help.
I too had a 90 min ges at my local hosp. When I went to see my gi motility specialist, he required the 4 hr test. So I went ahead, scheduled it at Temple U, stayed overnight in a crummy Best Western and when I went to take the test they told me my insurance wouldn't approve it. Expensive oversight on my part for not checking beforehand. Finally I spoke with the same local hosp. I used for the 90 min and they spoke to the tech who ran the testing and he had experience w the 4 hr ges and would be happy and able to do it for me. Temple accepted those tests. It saved me 5 hours of driving time, another hotel bill, insur. covered it and I was in a familiar place. Might be worth a shot.....best of luck!

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John Hopkins in Md was open to sending the protocol to a local hospital to save money and time for the 4hr ges test too, so hope you find the same.

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My daughter had the two hour test done in Greenwich hospital - you could call and ask them if they do the 4 hour. Also did you check Northern Westchester hospital in Mt. Kisco? I know someone who had it done there but not sure how long it was.

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Closest to you without actually entering NYC is Columbia Presbyterian, where I had mine done.

It is an excellent hospital.

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