Tube removal:granulation and site

Curious: can anyone let me know what happens to then granulation tissue after you get your tube removed and the site closed? Does the granulation tissue go away? What about the site in general?Thanks! Alz

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I've never had much trouble with granulation tissue so I can't help much with this question. With the tube before this last one I had a small amount and it did just dry up and fall off after the tube was pulled but it may be just because I had such a small amount of it. The site itself usually is closed up by the end of the day or by the next day after the tube is pulled and leaves a scar. I do have lots of scars from tubes being removed. It has always amazed me how fast the hole closes up.

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When I was able to pull my 11 year old J-tube 6 years ago, it closed off after a day. Once the irritation is gone, there isn't a reason for the tissue to grow and it all shrinks back to a belly button type hole. The section of small bowel that was attached to the inside of the abdominal wall was left in place and that is a prime area for an obstruction to occur. After 6 years, I still have problems at both sites with scar tissue and hernia, but not granulation. Keep trying to do all you can every day to take care of yourself and stay as strong as you can, it is the only way to fight this disease.

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