Texas motility specialists?

I have been told there is one doctor in Dallas, Texas - where I live - Dr. Schiller - that has been labeled a motility specialist. I'm utterly shocked at how few I find in his huge city who claim to specialize in gastrointestinal motility. Why is that? It doesn't make sense to me, with so many of us with these problems. Is it because ALL GI docs are 'supposed' to specialize in this area - motility disorders? Or is it because it's just too hard to understand and/or treat? Either way, I'm reaching out again to this large group of knowledgeable people - does anyone know of any OTHER doctor in or near the Dallas, Texas area - OR ANYWHERE in Texas they've actually seen or been treated by that specializes in - or has extensive experience in - motility disorders? Especially esophageal motility and/or GI motility? I am getting desperate now to find out why my esophagus is paralyzed. My latest GI doc has no clue and says he has no treatment for me. Is sending me outside the GI area now...

And I'm in agony and scared.

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BTW: I looked on the AGMD website for physician referrals in Texas - Schiller wasn't even listed there only two in Houston and one in El Paso. The two in Houston didn't seem to 'specialize' in motility but maybe I misread that...? I'm not crazy about traveling outside the city or state but I will if I can't get better answers from the doctors I've seen or will soon see (a NEW GI doc at a UT Southwestern Medical Center in late November, a new Internist - not sure if he'll have any more answers but maybe can refer me? - a rheumatologist whose test results remain pending but suppose to get a letter from him on whether I have auto immune issues - he already said he didn't think I do or if I do it didn't cause my paralysis of my esophagus), a new neurologist - just in case it's nerve damage that caused it? Can nerve damage cause esophageal paralysis? Then again, being that I've been under tremendous stress the past five months with ill health and fear, could stress have caused my esophagus to stop working?

I'm so frustrated...sorry, venting, too...

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I too was surprised that Dr. Schiller is the only motility specialist in Texas. Have you seen how big Texas is? My daughter was seen by one at the children's hospital in Houston. He didn't believe that she had gastroparesis although she has every symptom and the emptying study showed she was 71% full after two hours. 39% full after 3.5 hours. I was so frustrated with him. It is sad that patients continue to suffer at the hands of these so called experts. What's worse is that the true experts are sometimes no better.

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