TASTE: My New Life Without Food

I was diagnosed with CIPO (chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction) 18 months ago and have been on TPN since then, not having the ability to eat anything at all. I also have a PEG-tube for venting/decompression.

I recently wrote a book (TASTE: My New Life Without Food) on the realities of not being able to eat in a food-saturated culture and society and how I have learned to cope. If you are interested in knowing more you can go to www.facebook.com/tastegordonmeier. Click on 'About' and you can learn more about the book.

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you know I wonder if that is what is also wrong with me...I am currently on liquid fasting.....when I eat solids it hurts so much....I do not have a large intestine..I had it removed about 4 years ago and I have an ileostomy....but I still get a lot of blockages in my small intestine....I hope you post more about your symptoms etc.....I would like to know more about how you felt before going on TPN thanks

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Congratulations on your book!! I am sure it will help many people. The best of luck to you!

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Sunshine---the doctors at Cleveland Clinic were able to diagnose me early on with my symptoms and so they put me on TPN right away since I was having one significant obstruction after another. Lots of bloating, pain in my side, nausea, and an inability for any food to go anywhere. The food would come back up shortly after taking it. Nothing would stay down or go through. The TPN has been a life-saver (literally).

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I am looking forward to receiving & reading your book. i have Gastroparesis & am on a very restricted diet but feel blessed to be able to eat at all. Though I find myself getting so fixated on what I can't have & shutting myself off from events, friends & activites due to the FOOD!
praying for you


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My 7 year old daughter was recently diagnosed (though not confirmed yet) with pseudo-obstruction. I'd love to read your book. Its such a confusing new world. I'd love to read more about your symptoms and management too. My daughter was on TPN for a few weeks, now she is tube fed, and awaiting her g-tube placement.

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